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Solving the Political Problems of the World: God Reveals

Though using of Law is good as a control and management system in a given economy, the use of too many laws are…

The Most Important Power Of A Leader Forever, Is His Love: Find Why!

In every circle of leadership, ‘love’ is the main thing. What will cause people to connect to you, and bind to you,…

3 Things Subjects and Followers Look Out For Once You Stand In-front of them To…

There are many things followers look out for in a leader, immediately you stand in front of them to speak! These…

Best Form Of Leadership-Leadership 101

Yes- if you're a leader in any circle, one of the things you’re supposed to note is that you’re not the only leader…

Every Leader Teaches His Subjects: Every Leader Must Be In Writing!

According to the Lord, one way for a leader to be able to improve the lives of his people is for him to be able to…

Job-Searching Ideas, Strategies & Advice

A Business Plan: How to Get An Upper Hand In All Business…

In recent days, employees do not just employ people based on their skills, or the academic qualifications they…

Seek Up A Job With This Great Idea

The Lord again said to me, ‘‘Two of the first groups of people whom you need to first ask for a job once you…

Search For Another Job In This WAY

If you’ve not searched for a job yet then the command of the Lord is ‘Go Now, And Search For a Job.’ Do it again if…

Quick Tips On Lifestyle

A Quick Tip On Divine Singing!

As a gospel singer, or any time you're called to lead a song, (or even be a backer of a song), a) Don't dress

A Quick Tip For Gospel Musicians!

If you're a gospel musician, always have a book (or a jotter) with a pen with you. In fact, I've realized that,

A Quick Tip-Healthy Foods!

 Indeed-trust me, roasted foods are more important than fried foods. Hence, eat roasted food versions of all the

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