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Central meaning Behind all of God’s Title Names: God Reveals


Central meaning Behind all of God’s Title Names: God Reveals

Why would God find it a need to tell Moses that ‘I AM WHO I AM?’ when He could have just mentioned one of His title names or attributes to him? I personally never understand this until one after one afternoon the Holy began to explain it to me.

First, God’s Spirit said that the title ‘God,’ in esoteric language actually mean ‘Power, Force or Power.’ This is because God is a Power being or an energy being. You can find more about this in a post I wrote: the secret scientific origin of God’s names.

Thus, the title God is actually a scientific title. Thus the name God describes the nature of God, which is Energy, Power or Force. The Holy Spirit added that understanding this will enable us to understand why God is able to change from one form to another because  ENERGY can change from one form to another.

Thus, if God is an energy being it gives all the explanations why He is able to convert or change from one form of glory to another. In the Bible, we have seen the same God come as a Pillar of Cloud, a Pillar of Cloud, as the Anointing as Man. How He could convert Himself into all these creatures or bodies? Its all because God is an energy being and so has given Himself the name ‘God.’

Now this was the same reason He had told Moses that His name was and is ‘I AM’ when Moses had asked God of His name. God told him, ‘I am who I am.’

When He had told Moses that ‘I AM THAT I AM’ He was actually peaking science to Moses, but Moses wouldn’t have understood it that way, as as His Time. Many of us may not also understand it too, but we can now. God meant that He could change into many forms and many ways. He is who He is that’s how come He has several title names. He was telling Moses that He indeed met people at the point of their needs, each one differently, depending upon the nature and area of their problems because He being a great super-than-natural energy being, He would convert or change Himself into ways to people.

To some, God was their

Jehovah Jireh, meaning He was their provider.

To others He was their

Jehovah Tsidkenu, their righteousness,

El-Shaddai, the Lord their Salvation,

El-Adonai, their Lord God,

Shammah, their Perfect Peace,

Jehovah Nissi, their great Banner

And so on and so forth.

In short, they were declaring of Him this way: the Lord God was the Solution, Savior or Salvation and the Answer (Way of Escape) to their unique problems. He was their Gate of Salvation or Solutions. The Spirit enlightened me to discover that the central word there in all their testimonies was ‘Salvation’ since God did save each one of them from a particular kind of problem. He was the Amen, the Way Out, the Gate of their Salvation, the Opened Door, the Solution or the Salvation to any kind of socio-economic problem or challenge faced by these human beings who have similar problems like ours.

This means His title names as the Way, Solution, the Door, the Open Gate of Salvation and Savior were legitimate because the perfect works He did for them and the testimonies which came from the lips of these unique individuals since man is called by what He does.

Then He showed to me that in the Greek language God’s title name ‘Savior or Salvation’ is popularly pronounced Yeshua.

But now in the English language this title name is what is being translated as JESUS!  Therefore the central word there being Salvation or the Solution isn’t just a word but it is God the Father’s real name! Hence it is the Central characterization of all of God’s entire titles names.

Hence, the advance meaning of ‘I AM THAT I AM’ is ‘JESUS!’ because the name Jesus is actually an embodiment of all of God’s title names. Therefore title names of God as Power, Energy, Force of Life, Amen, The Way, The Life, the Light of Life, Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Almigty God, the Most Glorious, the Ancient of Days, Immortal, Invisible, Everlasting Father, Holy Spirit, the Resurrection and the Life, Dunamis Power, Jehovah Shalom, Nissi, El Shaddah, El Adonai, Tsidkenu, and all the others find themselves in one ultimate name of the Origin and Originator of Life, ‘JESUS!’

In summary, when one calls on the name ‘Jesus’ He’s also calling any of the title names as well.

Prince Akogo


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