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The Mystery of God: How God Looks Like…In A Closer View


‘How I look like:’ God Reveals

Do we know how God is in Heaven? I never knew indeed; afterwards, the Holy Spirit had spoken to me to write about how God is in Heaven.

We have never seen God, at any time but in this post, we will be seeing God, in a closer look.

And for me, I was shocked about how the Lord, had spoken about the Father, with the Tabernacle.

It was sooo amazing!


 (A foreshadow of His Image and Likeness in the Days of Old)

God, who exists beyond the Nothingness beyond the Universe, has shown us that He is the tabernacle which Moses built in the wilderness.

As I stated in one of my posts ‘(Who Owns the Tabernacle? How God revealed who He is in the tabernacle),’ when God had told the children of Israel to settle around His tabernacle, incredibly, the design formed a Man (a 3-dimensional image or tabernacle) hanging in the middle of a cross on a desert (see picture below).

      The 12 tribes around the Tabernacle

     An Emblem of God for Us upon the Cross

It was a foreshadow of a Man (that is a Tabernacle) in the middle of the cross, being hanged there.

And so as the generations had come to pass, God who had hidden Himself in Jesus Christ died on a cross on our behalf, while also being hanged outside the camp, that is, a wilderness, to fulfill His prophetic imagery He wrought with the Jews.

Thus, not being realized by the Jews, the tabernacle was and is the image and likeness of God the Father, who had also brought the Tabernacle from Heaven, and had also spoken to Moses, about it.

They are to make a sanctuary for Me so that I may dwell among them.

Exo. 25:8 CSB

For even if it was Christ who was crucified on the cross, God had told us that, His only begotten Son is the express image of His glory (being His tabernacle). Therefore, His Son has His image and likeness, being the tabernacle.

And it was also God who said to His Son, and to His Holy Spirit, who is also the image of His Personality, the very same Spirit who was hovering over the waters of the earth in the beginning, that ‘let US create Man in our Image, according to Our Likeness.’

Gen. 1:26 says;

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle…

As well, He also said here, that;

The Son radiates God’s own glory and expresses the very character of God, and he sustains everything…

Heb. 1:3 NLT.

Therefore, we have to understand that, the tabernacle was made to reflect God’s image and likeness, who now lives in Heaven as above.

But what do we mean by saying God’s ‘Image and Likeness?’ In modern language, it is what one may call the (true) Personality’ or’(true) Nature’’ of God, or ‘what you will find inside of God.’

Now, according to the Spirit, in order for us to know or understand the true nature of God, then we also have to understand how the Tabernacle looked like, and the things that were used to form all the parts of  it.

When we have come to understand how the tabernacle was designed and constructed, then we can know how God is, by ‘Image and likeness’, or in short how His Glory, Personality or Nature is, in a closer look.

Let’s see how the Tabernacle was designed.



When explaining the details of the tabernacle, The Lord’s Spirit helped me to realize that the tabernacle had 3 courts, thus was 3 dimensional. The tabernacle had an Outer Courtyard, The Inner Court and a Most Holy Place.




                                         The Outer Courtyard

This was the largest court of the Lord’s tabernacle.


                    Inside Outer Court: Indicated by Arrow

Before a person will enter the Outer Courtyard, there was a Gate in front which one must pass through before getting into the large outer courtyard.


    Outer Court Gate

Moreover, the whole courtyard was covered with white linen cloth, fastened to several poles and pegs. In the compound of the Outer Courtyard were two vessels.  The first one after the Tabernacle Gate was the Brazen Altar of Burnt Sacrifice.



   Altar of Burnt Sacrifice

It was a brass metallic rectangular box with wire mesh inside it. Under the mesh were coals of fire. At the four corners of this Altar were four extensions called Horns. 

It was on this Brazen Altar of Burnt Sacrifice that sacrifices like lambs, bullocks and grains of cereals were burnt. Also, the blood of sacrifices was also poured upon it and also in a brazen pan by its side.

The second vessel, right after the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice was the Brazen Laver. The Brazen Laver was a large brazen bowl filled with water to its brim.




   Brazen Laver of Water

The priests of the court often washed their hands in this brass pan before entering into the Temple to render services to the Lord God.

  The Inner Court  of the Tabernacle

But the first room of the Temple was called the Inner Court or Holy Place. This Inner Court too has a Door in front, which enclosed it. So then, before one enters this room, he had to pass through the Door to get into it.


    Inner Court Door




                                                    Inside Inner Court

Now, inside the Inner Court we can see a Gold Plated Table on the right side. This table was called The Table of Showbread and on it were 12 flat loaves of bread.


Table of Showbread on the right: Six flat loaves on each side of this Table. 

These 6 loaves on each side totaled up to 12. On the left side of the Table of Showbread was what was called The Golden Menorah.According to description, the Golden Menorah was also a vessel of Six (6) golden lamp stands, with seven (7) candle sticks upon it.

And the 7 candlesticks were lit frequently with coals of fire to provide light for the entire room of the Inner Court, often called the Holy Place as well.



                                          Candlesticks being lit by a Priest

As fuel for the candlesticks, the priests used Olive Oil.  Then again, the Golden Menorah also had engravings of flowers and fruit buds on the stems of each of these 7 candlesticks.

                                    The Altar of Incense

At the far end of the Inner Court, close to the veil shielding the Most Holy Place was The Golden Altar of Incense.

                            Incense Table: by the veil of Most Holy Place

On this piece of gold plated furniture, incense was burnt. When the incense was burnt, the incense smoke or gas filled the whole Inner Court.



                                   Incense being burnt by Priest


But there were certain ingredients that were used for the incenses. These included Gum, Resin, Onycha, and Galbanum.

Now, this floor space in between the Golden Menorah vessel and these other two sets of furniture of the Holy Place was called the Threshing Floor. 

Then as one looks into the Holy Place, one can see that the veil shielding the entrance of the Most Holy Place had artistic designs of Cherubs.

                           Cherubs on Veil: Designs of Eyes Close by

Around these cherubs, you see other designs as well. These designs around the cherubs reflect the eyes on the bodies of cherubs. Cherubs, on the other hand, are celestial beings who have eyes all over them. They live with God in the world we can’t see.

There were also colourful Curtains on the left and of the right hand side walls of the Holy Place: and even in the second and last room called the Most Holy Place are also curtains. But, according to the measurements, the length of this Holy Place was 20 cubits, with breadth too being 20 cubits.

                        The Most Holy Place

Finally, the last room of this Temple was the Most Holy Place. Though this room was the smallest and last room, it was the most important place of the tabernacle.

This was because when Moses had finished constructing the entire tabernacle, it was reported that the people saw God heading down from the skies as fire, and without any particular form, into the Most Holy Place.


        Ark of Covenant visited by God’s Glory of Fire


Anytime He went into the Most Holy Place in the appearance of fire He sat upon The Golden Ark of Covenant. There was no light in the Most Holy Place, but His nature being light and fire produced light for the Most Holy Place.

On the gold plated Ark of Covenant Box, were also gold images of cherubs, each one on the side, with their glorious wings spread out to cover God’s face.


God as Light over the Ark of Covenant:  face covered by designed wings of the Cherubs


The Items inside God’s Ark of the Covenant: Yet inside the Ark or the Chest Box on which this fire celestial being sat were other items, which Moses was commanded to set in there.

These included the 2 Tablets of Stone on which the popular 10 commandments were written, the Golden Pot of manna (The bread God gave to the children of Israel), the book of the Law, and Aaron’s rod (a rod with shoots of fresh green leaves.


       Ark of the Covenant with Vessels inside   

Once a year, the High Priest went into this sacred room, called the Most Holy Place to offer sacrifices. He also burnt incense to fill the Most Holy Place: he never went in there when God arrived there.

By measurement, this Most Holy Place had its length to be 10 cubits, and a breadth too to be 10 cubits. Lastly, while the large Outer Courtyard had no covering, the Temple of two rooms, of an Inner Court and a Most Holy Place had roofing made with Badger Skins.



Now, according to the Holy Spirit, in order for us to know how God is, in personality we have to interpret both the symbolic and literal meanings of the parts of Tabernacle we just found, then we can come to know how God really is, both in and out, and what He stands for, even as He is in Heaven.

So according to God’s leading, I went through the tabernacle again, and interpreted it to understand the true nature of God’s Personality, and what shocking revelations I found!

Below were the things I found, when I interpreted the Tabernacle and its parts, beginning with the entire Tabernacle, with its 3 main courts:


The Entire Personality of God:

The Tabernacle and its 3 Courts: First and foremost, the entire tabernacle represents the whole being of God (the Father), who is the Highest of all, upon the Heavenly throne. This means that the 3 divisions of the Tabernacle or the 3 courts of the Tabernacle reveal, that God as a Power, and a Person, actually has three parts to His being.

Therefore, like us men, He has a BODY, A SOUL and a SPIRIT too. Well, no wonder that He said that He designed us according to His image and according to His likeness. Thus, the Outer Court of the Tabernacle represented God’s body,  while the Inner Court was to represent God’s Soul, with the Most Holy Place representing HIs Spirit or His Heart. Hence, God is a Man like us.

… God said, “Let Us make MAN in Our image, according to Our likeness;

Gen 1:26 NASB.

In addition, when Ezekiel the prophet said He saw God Almighty upon His throne in a prophetic vision, after God had opened His eyes, He said He saw Him as a MAN upon the throne. (He was not as a pillar of fire without form).

On July 31of my thirtieth year, while I was with the Judean exiles beside the Kebar River in Babylon, THE HEAVENS WERE OPENED AND I SAW VISIONS OF GOD.  

This happened during the fifth year of King Jehoiachin’s captivity.  (The Lord gave this message to Ezekiel son of Buzi, a priest, beside the Kebar River in the land of the Babylonians, and he felt the hand of the Lord take hold of him.)…

There was fire inside the cloud, and in the middle of the fire glowed something like gleaming amber (fire). 

 From the center of the cloud came four living beings that looked human, except that each had four faces and four wings (the cherubs in God’s Temple). Their legs were straight, and their feet had hooves like those of a calf and shone like burnished bronze….

Above this surface was something that looked LIKE A THRONE (God’s Universal Throne) made of blue lapis lazuli. And on this throne high above was A FIGURE whose appearance resembled A MAN (that is, GOD).

 From what appeared to be his waist up, HE looked like gleaming amber, flickering like a fire and from his waist down, he looked like a burning flame, shining with splendor. All around him was a glowing halo

Ezekiel 1; 2;4;5;26;27; KJV

As you can see, Ezekiel saw a Man upon the throne. So, it is very true that God is a Man like us. Hence, that was why we were told:

Then God said, “Let Us make man (humans) in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

Gen. 1:26 NIV

If man (male and female) was made in God’s image, then God Himself is a Man (the model or mould, He looked on, to create us).


However, the tabernacle now gives us a closer view into God’s Image, which is God’s body, Soul and Spirit; then His likeness too.This is because, God had used the tabernacle to teach us His image or glory. Thus, being a three-dimensional being too, the 3 parts of His being (that is, His body, Soul and Spirit), were being also represented with the 3 separated-court tabernacle; together with the vessels, furniture sets and other items, which were part of each of these 3 courts.

Now, before we can have a closer look into the Father’s Personality or Tabernacle, the Holy Spirit said to me that it is first of all important, for us to actually understand what the Bible means, when it says a ‘MAN’ or something is called ‘A MAN.’

According to the Lord, when we say God is a Man, or something is said to be ‘A Man’, we do not mean ‘a male’, as a class which is different from a female, as gender is concerned.

However, in higher spiritual language or esoteric language, the word or title ‘MAN,’ means ‘’A Three Dimensional Being, Entity or Thing;’’hence, a man does not mean, a male, like a figure different from a female, as we usually say here on earth. Hence, in that case, a woman is also a Man, for she is also a three dimensional figure.

She is a three-dimensional being, given an assignment by God to fulfill. But how is she three dimensional? She has a body, a soul and a spirit, as well as God, and also like her male counterpart.

For this reason, she also has the name ‘Man’, at the end of her calling; that is why we call her a ‘Wo-MAN. She is a MAN, that is, a three dimensional being, with a WOMB, who had come from God her father, called to be productive like Him! Her womb for that matter, has been shortened for ‘Wo-’

Females have all the types of organs men do have, though they may vary in ways or forms; yet the only different organ which women have which males do not have, is the ‘Womb,’ and of course, it is for carrying children (while her children by nature, are also three dimensional in being, like God).

Hence, God also created a ‘Wo-MAN’ in His image and likeness, in the day He created males and females. It means that we are all from the Father.  We are actually men, that is, three dimensional beings, but the differences in us are male and female characteristics. Hence, Male and Female are diverse characteristics of the Manly nature.

Well, do not the women also have bodies, souls and spirits like God? Yes, they do! And so she is a three-dimensional being;  she is the Man with a Womb. This is actually what she stands for which Adam named right.

Thus, she was created to be in the Glory of God, to have an equal personality as God her father, and like us, their partners. Anything beyond here is not from God, but from the devil.


God created MAN in his own image. IN GOD’S IMAGE he created him; male and FEMALE he created them.

Gen 1:52 NHEB

Thus, anything which is 3-dimensional is a ‘MAN,’ but they may have different characteristics on them.

Now, we can also understand why God had foreshadowed His Glory of a three dimensional being or deity, with the construction or model of a 3-dimensional Tabernacle, which He asked Moses to build in the wilderness. For this reason, the Bible emphatically recorded God’s warning to Moses concerning the tabernacle;


This is why Moses was warned when he was about to build the tent (the tabernacle): “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern that was shown you on the mountain.”

Heb. 8:5 ISV


God, for that matter, has personally allowed the properties or characteristics of His Soul, Body and Spirit, to be portrayed in a 3-court tabernacle construction, according to His ordinances. Hence, the tabernacle reveals the Glory or the Personality of God, who is a Man (a three dimensional being), as Ezekiel saw, and we saw earlier.

For a very long time, I never understood what it meant, when Jesus said He was the SON of MAN. This was a phrase He had used many times to define Himself, showing the source from which He came from-The Man, who is the owner and designer of the universe.

As well, the Holy Spirit explained, that He was actually saying, that He was the Son or the offspring of a Three-Dimensional Being, being God the Father. In other words, Jesus, like us, also had the glory of Man too. After all, Jesus was seen with a body, a soul and a spirit as God too. didn’t the Gentiles or the world see? If God is a Man, then He can reproduce a Son, just as we, and send Him here, just so that He can deliver us, from our sins.

Jesus said, “I Am. And you will see THE SON OF MAN (of a three dimensional being) seated in the place of Power…

Mark 14:62 NLT


He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of (God’s) His nature, and upholds all things… 

Col 1:15

Of course, Jesus is not saying we are also not God’s children. Think about it-indeed, if we were not God’s children, would He need to die for us? Would it also be important for Him to receive pains and blows, when they are not necessary? Hence, for our sake He came.

Like sheep gone astray, we have lost our glory (God’s Glory, which was in us). Humans became the Creator’s Sons and Daughters who had gone astray. Why would God lie, if He indeed He created the Universe in pure truth? Unless we deem not to trust Him or take Him seriously.

We know that God hates Sin, which is a power of a psychical madness and error. He has been calling for a total human redemption, so the world would be purged and be cleaned from its evil, and all ungodliness. It may sound strange, but God would still want to see that all the items He gave us as a world, do remain in the same perfect glory He did give them to us. This is why He had set up the Day of Accountability, for the rich or the poor, and for whoever did step on the earth.

Apart from Jesus, the Holy Spirit, who is the 2nd Person of the Trinity, is also a Man; therefore, we indeed call Him, a ‘Person’. Certainly, we know that the ‘Us’ God talked about in Genesis 1: 53 also included the Holy Spirit who was with God the Father from the beginning.

They are all men; and they are also Gods and they are Power-Beings.

For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy (Spirit) Ghost: and these three are one.

1 John 5:7 AKJV

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.[a] The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.

Gen. 1:1-1-2 NLT


Then God said, “Let US make man in our image, according to our likeness.

Gen. 1:53 HSCB

Since, everything that comes out of God is God, the Holy Spirit is likewise God, having God’s tabernacle or Manly-Energy features.


 The Glory of ‘Man’ has been used for all of the Father’s Creations

Indeed, they created ‘us,’ with the same three Dimensional  Design. That is why we can use the three dimensional  design of the same tabernacle given by Moses to explain our full glory in Him, which is the same glory or design that even He God, uses to explain His Glory or Personality through us. We are one, as brothers, and one with the Father, His Holy Spirit, and His Son.

Apart from the Holy Spirit and Jesus, we are to also take note that all creations were created by God, in both His Image and Likeness, which is the glory of Man. Hence, all creations will carry the design and likeness of Man, as well as the Tabernacle which was given by God to explain the details of ‘Man’. God did this so that the whole Heaven and Earth would be filled with His glory. (This, He already did before we were created: ‘This is the Mystery of Creation’). And so for that matter, the Universe  is filled with His Glory.

Concerning the Universe, He says;


The HEAVENS (the universe) declare the Glory of God; 

Psa. 19:1 KJV

But indeed, as I live, ALL THE EARTH will be filled with the GLORY of the LORD.

Num. 14:21 NAS 1977

Isaiah added;

It was in the year King Uzziah died that I saw the Lord. He was sitting on a lofty throne, and the train of his robe filled the Temple. Attending him were mighty seraphim, each having six wings. With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they flew. They were calling out to each other,

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies!

Isaiah 6:1-4 NLT.


In the heavens (Universe) God has pitched a tent (tabernacle) for the sun.

Psalm 19:4 NIV

This of course includes the Universe, the Planets, the Animals, and the Plants as well. (You can find out how He did them, in many of the posts here, which should bring you in the full knowledge of His Will, and into full knowledge of His mystery called, ‘The Mystery of Creation,’ which God’s Spirit revealed to me.

You will find out how He designed the Earth, both horizontal and vertical, as well as man, and the universe, which is often called The Heavens.

Even in heaven too, where God sits, the Bible has shown us, that it was also created with the Tabernacle design, which is a glory of ‘Man’.

…And the temple of the tabernacle of testimony in heaven was opened,

Rev. 15:5 BSB.

Their voices shook the Temple to its foundations, and the entire building was filled with smoke

Isa. 6:1-4 NIV

However, though the same tabernacle glory was used to design the Heaven’s tabernacle, and Heaven, it first specially gives knowledge of the Father’s image or glory, through which we had all became living tabernacles of God, so that the saying would be true, that as God is in His Temple, so we are in this world.

We are so much loved by Him: and this is why He sent His only begotten Son to die for us.

Well, unfortunately, the first human parent, Adam, whom God had created through His tabernacle glory, got us denatured, after he had partaken of a forbidden fruit, and so we indeed lost the knowledge of our glory, which was in God, in the early hours of the earth’s beginning.

But now God has provided a detailed and correct knowledge of Himself to us all, who are upon all the surface of the earth, from now and forever through the same ‘picture’ of the His pitched tabernacle.  Therefore, the tabernacle was brought by God as a symbolic reference to His image and glory; so we know we have a detailed account of God’s glory, though He is in Heaven, which we have borne a ‘picture’ of.

Therefore, having knowledge of the symbolic interpretations of the tabernacle and its parts, it would be quite easy for you to know how the Father’s Body, Soul and Spirit or His Heart looks like- the awesome glory which we have all borne picture of. Therefore, for us to know God’s glory, we have to use the His tabernacle which He had given to us, by His servant’s hand.

Beginning with the Outer Court, let’s zoom in to see a narrow view of God’s Glory, which is His Personality and Nature.


                 The Outer Court (God’s Body):

The Outer Court, as we saw earlier on, represented God the Father’s body: while the vessels, its furniture, and the other items, represented elements found in this Man’s body. We also saw that the Court was made with a white linen clothe fastened to poles and pegs, with two main vessels located in the yard; and the two vessels were;

  1. The Brazen Altar of Sacrifice
  2. The Brazen Laver filled with Water


Outer Court Vessels and the furniture

So then, in order to understand what one would find in the Outer Court or God’s body, one would have to understand the symbolic interpretations of these Outer Court vessels, furniture sets and items which were used put it and used for the Outer Court, beginning with the White Linen Court Hangings.

The White Linen Court Hangings: Initially, we saw that there were some white linen court hangings around the Temple, which were made of white linen clothe and were fastened to several poles and pegs. 

Now, in symbology, the colour white, refers to Righteousness. It as well represents Victory. Hence, it reveals that God is righteous and holy, by nature.

It was then to represent the Heavenly Father’s white-shining robe which He wears over great His glory or body.

God’s Robe-A White Linen Court Hanging

Prophet Isaiah prophetically noted;

It was in the year King Uzziah died that I saw the Lord. He was sitting on a lofty throne, and the TRAIN OF HIS ROBE filled the Temple.

Isa. 6:1-3 NIV 

The LORD wraps himself in light as with a garment (His light-radiating garment);

Psalm 104:2 NIV

In other words, light reflects from His Glory and from His garment as well.

Beside all that, once I had a revelation with God, I also saw Him wearing a white linen robe.

The Brazen Altar of Sacrifice in the Outer Court:

Horns of the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice: We had noticed that, the Brazen Laver of Sacrifice which was in the Outer Court had by its four sides.

The Horns of the Altar mean that, God, by nature is full of supernatural powers and energies because ‘Horn’ in symbology, represents Energy, as well as Power. Now, above, we’ve seen that light reflects His body body, which is His Outer Court; as we go on reading, we will notice that are more energies that reflects from His body as well.

The Fire on the Brazen Altar (Symbolical meaning of Fire on the Brazen Altar): Since God’s body is the Outer Court, the fire on the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice was to indicate the  FIRE of God’s body. Fire moves in and around His body-that is, His Outer Court.  You should take note, that this was exactly what Ezekiel saw concerning God’s body, when he saw Him sitting over the living cherubs, in the midst of unquenchable fire.

The Outer Court of God’s Body


 God’s bodily or Outer Court Fires represented by Outer Court Fires

Now, first, Ezekiel said He saw a Man; secondly fire or amber all around Him (the Man’s body), which is God’s Outer Court. Revisiting the scripture, the Prophet Ezekiel said:


There was fire inside the cloud, and in the middle of the fire glowed something like gleaming amber (fire).  From the center of the cloud came four living beings that looked human, except that each had four faces and four wings. Their legs were straight, and their feet had hooves like those of a calf and shone like burnished bronze. 

As I looked at these beings, I saw four wheels touching the ground beside them, one wheel belonging to each…

Above this surface was something that looked LIKE A THRONE (God the Father’s Universal Throne) made of blue lapis lazuli.

And on this throne high above was a figure whose appearance resembled A MAN (This is the Father; the Father of all Mankind, both those dead and are gone, and are yet to be).

 From what appeared to be his waist up, he looked like gleaming amber, FLICKERING LIKE A FIRE. AND FROM HIS WAIST DOWN, HE LOOKED LIKE A BURNING FLAME, SHINING WITH SPLENDOR. All around him was a glowing halo (light of God’s robe)


Ezekiel 1:26 NLT


Thus, not only did Ezekiel said He saw a Man, which means a three dimensional being, but a man with light and fire all around Him, being indicated by the fire of light, produced in the Outer Court, by His own specific instructions.

And so by physical appearance, God is literally a fire being.

He is like our Sun, like an engulfing fire which burns forever; and for His sake we are not consumed.

Not only is He fire, but He is also the fire of our Love. For we know that God hates sin; has He not quenched our thirst with the fire of His burning love?

Moreover, we also have an advocate with God the father, Jesus Christ, who is also the express image of Father’s glory, who makes intercessions for the saints, as well as His Holy Spirit who constantly prays for us all! He the Father, is really the unchanging One.

When Moses said He saw God in his first encounter, Moses had personally testified that he saw God as fire over the bush. Together, both Apostle Paul and Moses had confirmed, that God by appearance, was a Consuming Fire.


For “our God is an all-consuming fire” 

Deut. 4:24, Heb. 12:29 NIV

Therefore, by what the fire in the Outer Court reveals, as to what you will notice in God’s Outer Court or Body, a Spiritual Man who lives in the Heavens, Ezekiel was right for saying, that God’s body, which is His Outer Court, burns with fire, emitting flickering light. No wonder these Prophet’s Prophecies were right, and they were called Major Prophets?

Sincerely, their Prophecies were right and accurate indeed!

 I saw that from what appeared to be his waist up he looked like glowing metal, as if FULL OF FIRE, and that from there down he looked like fire; and brilliant LIGHT SURROUNDED HIM.  Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day

Ezekiel 1:25 NIV

…Alone having immortality, dwelling in UNAPPROACHABLE LIGHT, whom no one of men has seen nor is able to see, to whom be honor and eternal dominion. Amen.

1 Tim. 6:16 BLB


It is also the same fires of the Father that the Holy Spirit brings on us, to baptize us, apart from His Word and Anointing. If you could remember, this was the same fires He brought to the Apostles on Pentecost day. The Holy Spirit, who hails from the Father’s bosom, comes from God with His burning Fire. And so, this has actually been the reason why we’ve known the Holy Spirit as ‘The Holy Ghost Fire.’

 The Huge Cloud of Smoke produced by The Brazen Altar’s Fire:

Again, we saw that in the Outer Court, there was huge smoke production from the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice anytime the priests burnt wood on the Altar. The smoke produced by the fire was to indicate that, God’s body produces smoke as well.

Now, according to the Bible, often, God strikes in response to a holy sacrifice (such as a holy worship or holy praise), when His mighty angels and cherubs truthfully worship Him; He also does this when we too worship Him from deep our hearts, in sincerity. Indeed, this was what Isaiah also wrote on when He saw the Father’s glory.

 In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord seated on a high and lofty throne, and His robe[a] filled the temple. 2 Seraphim[b] were standing above Him; each one had six wings: with two he covered his face, with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. 3 And one called to another:

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts;
His glory fills the whole earth.

 The foundations of the doorways shook at the sound of their voices, AND THE TEMPLE WAS FILLED WITH SMOKE.

Isaiah 6: 1-4 CSB.

Hence, based on what the Spirit reveals, Isaiah saw right, that the Glory of the Father fills His Temple with huge smoke production. As fire, He would definitely have smoke from His body because fire always have smoke. Note: Apart from these burning fires, Israel sometimes saw God’s glory as Great Smoke over the mountains. In actual fact, there were many instances when the Lord had come to Israel in the Clouds of His Glory.

“And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of
cloud to lead them along the way…”

Exodus 13:21

“And as Aaron spoke to the whole congregation of the
people of Israel, they looked to the wilderness, and
behold, the glory of the LORD appeared in the cloud.”

Exodus 16:10

“And the LORD said to Moses, “Lo, I am coming to you in
a thick cloud, that the people may hear when I speak
with you, and may also believe you for ever.””

Exodus 19:9

“And the LORD descended in the cloud and stood with him
there, and proclaimed the name of the LORD.”

Exodus 34:5

Thus, apart from the appearance of fire, and light, God has smoke around Him.

The meaning of ‘Sacrifice’-(Altar of Sacrifice) regarding God’s body: This vessel was to indicate that God also disciplines His body to keep it under control, because the word ‘sacrifice’ has every word to mean discipline.

In other words, God’s willingness to live in Holiness or Righteousness, is from a conscious or deliberate effort as well; it’s really, not always involuntary, but born from a deliberate consciousness.

After all, He knew what sin could do before Time. Besides all that, it was an indication to show that He was an ‘offering,’ or ‘a sacrifice,’ who offered Himself for sins, through Jesus Christ. He was also reconciling the world through this Man. Thus, the Bible stated:

…God WAS IN CHRIST making peace between the world and Himself, not putting their sins to their account, and having given to us the preaching of this news of peace.

Of a truth, this is love, that God the Father was also in Christ, offering His blood to cleanse the sins which are upon our lives, and which were upon our souls.

The Brazen Laver Vessel, full of Water to its brim:

Apart from the White Linen Court Hangings and the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice, which were in the Outer Court, representing God’s body, there was also a Brazen Laver, which was a Round Brass Bowl filled with water.

Brazen Laver (1)


(Brazen Laver filled with Water)

Now, Water, in every place, is used to represent Life; hence, the water in the Brazen Laver was an indication that life, is in our God the Father’s body; or it was to mean that, there are Life energies in God’s body. That is why He is a living God.

Hence, apart from being an energy of Light, He is also an Energy of Life. He emits both Light  and Life Energies from His body, which is His Outer Court.  Thus, His body is both full of Light and Life energies. This was why Jesus said that the energies He would give to us, which He had also received from the Father, is a ‘Light and Life’ type of Life.

In John 8:12, the Bible said:

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said…Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the LIGHT OF LIFE.”


Of course; He said it because He got His empowered Life energies from the father’s life as well. Now, do you notice that, in quality, God is like our Sun? The Sun, like God, has energies of life, light, and fire.

Hence, God had created the Sun too to reveal His glory; in His God’s image and in God’s Likeness. Therefore, the Lord God used the Sun to qualify His glory in Mal. 2:4:2, as the Sun of Righteousness.


…for you who fear my name, The Sun of Righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall.

Mal. 2;4:2 ESV. 

Sun(s) of Righteousness With Healing In Their Wings


Hence, as the Lord Shines as Light of Life in the center of the Heavenly Tabernacle, so our Sun also shines as a Light of Life in the center of its Heavenly Tabernacle in a material heaven.


                       GOD’S SOUL-THE INNER COURT

Moreover, according to the Spirit, the Inner Court is the part of the Court which represents God the Father’s Soul, while the vessels, furniture sets and other items in the Inner Court represent certain fundamental psychical qualities in Father’s Soul.

Below, we will find the symbolic and literal meanings of these vessels, furniture sets, and other items of the Inner Court, in order to know what one would find in God’s Soul.

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