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A Divine Revelation of God’s Origin: ”How I Originated Before Time & Space!” God Reveals!


A Divine Revelation of God’s Origin: ”How I Originated Before Time & Space!” God Reveals!

This post came through a divine encounter, in which the Spirit of God had led His servant Prince Akogo, to write down how (narrate) how God had originated! Prince received these encounters from God ever since the year 2007 when He had a divine encounter!

(In The ”About Me’ Section, Prince wrote his encounters with the Lord. (Thus, this is top-up to the previous post, ”God has now revealed His Origin to the world!”)

The Introduction

The Lord’s origin has never ever been known. Now, when average men are asked whether they know how God originated, they would say, ‘God never had, a beginning. He was always there; He was always in existence!’

However, though this answer seems to have a bit of truth, it is unfathomable how this could be true to many at all.

In today’s world of scientific investigation the answer is considered an unsatisfied and unproven one. Hence, the lack of scientific justification, has given grounds to many to argue out that God does not exist.

In fact, these people would often say that God is a myth, and jokingly, sometimes they say that He is actually dead!

They had also believed that those who believe in God, are by action fooling themselves; and that religion has just become opium of the masses.

They will not believe in this whole fuss about God, and they are now thinking not to border any longer in search of Him, if possible also remove Him entirely from their minds. However, they do not know that God exists, though they decide to live a God-conscience free lifestyle and life, in the face of the on-looking world.’

Often, they have also asked wherever God indeed created the Universe. ‘If He had, what then had created Him?’ It has become the primary concern of their argument. We also know that they stand on this question because they believe that nature does not give credit to such possibilities, of something happening, of which nothing had happened before it had happened. According to them, nature’s laws teach that effects have causes, and conditions do will not just happen. Thus, something could have happened to bring God out, rather than settling on mere FAITH and OPEN BELIEF IN GOD.

Therefore many have now chosen to believe in Darwin’s prevailing theories among other theories, as best explanation life’s origin. This is why, certainly, you will never be taken seriously if you can’t justify your claims with science.  Thus, we may have to go further to explaining them.

Now, there were times in history, when even the religious people also had a conviction that, pondering over matters regarding God’s existence can seriously get you mad! (that is, if one should dare). Have they been right or wrong?

And so, many feared, and did not dare!

However, if Paul the Apostle was to be around them, He would have rejected that kind of teaching, because he had fore received great and important revelations from God, that God is indeed in existence, and His Origin, nonetheless, could also be proven, without the shadow of doubts. He had said to the Roman Church;

…from the first making of the world, those things of god which the eye is unable to see, that is, HIS ETERNAL POWER AND EXISTENCE are fully made clear, he having GIVING THE KNOWLEDGE of them through the things HE HAS MADE, so that men have no reason FOR WRONGDOING:

Romans 1:20 bbe

Paul made emphases in His claims to the Romans that God’s origin indeed could be proven. In the scripture we see above, He said that those things in the Spirit realm, which their eyes couldn’t behold, neither could they have   understood, regarding God’s origin and pre-existence nature were and are clearly revealed day by day, by nature, that is, the resources surrounding us in the environment we stay or live in.

Hence, even nature, according to Paul contains the secret knowledge of God’s existence, and so there are no excuses for us to be making, either by those Thomases in the Church, nor the scientists of the Gentiles of their time, who seriously seeked knowledge, through every way possible.

Therefore, as people who believe in God, we should know the wisdom and knowledge discovered in nature’s resources are God’s, through which we humans have discovered so much out already, through our continuous research.

Upon Apostle Paul’s revealing statement, if God should open our eyes, we shall see how He how He had originated before Time and Space, through scientific knowledge, since the knowledge which we obtain from all creations are all a part of what we know as His beautiful creations.

Then, if there is anything called a ‘Scientist,’ God stands high among the lot of scientists, though they may not know Him. Thus, God would actually be capable of satisfying the world’s longing to know with science, and not only just through Faith, nor by Open Belief. If He had known everything, must He not know Science?

Now, in view of this, I guess that, this was why God Spirit had been sent to reveal these things to me, regarding His origin, of how He had personally originated before Space, and then Time, with nothing, but ‘Laws of Science!’

As I stated in the earlier edition: A Divine Revelation of the Whole Universe, (the book which shows how God systematically designed the whole universe with a particular kind of His Grand Model), I received the mystery from Him through divine encounters, through which I was lectured.

Thus, they are not from me; neither did any man taught me (For which man does know the Origin of God?). So therefore, the information was solely given to me only on the basis of His Grace, and not my Deeds.

And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.

Matt. 16:17 ESV

But though initially, I was told to never to let it known, now I have been told to make known the hidden secrets of God’s origin to the world, that we may all know.

Moreover, during those moments, to highlight on more on proof, the Spirit also took me to the realm of His origin, to actually see where He had originated; thus, where it had all began with God the Father.

Well, because it is probably going to be the first time you are going to hear or see it, I suggest that we should take great note of the details-from line to line and from paragraph to paragraph.

This is the first edition the Origin of God, which indeed has to do with the First Stage of God’s developing Glory, while there are other continuing editions to add more on further stages of His pre-exist development, for there were a lot of things that actually happened before Time.


In The Beginning…The Nature of the Realms before Space and Time

 (The First State of God’s Pre-existent Glory)

 The only matter pre-existing our universe, according to the eternal Spirit of the Lord, was a DARK and EMPTY SPIRITUAL VACUUM.

Now, in those lonely but important moments there were no Heavens and Hell.

There was no physical matter either; no physical realm, and so there was no universe indeed.

And so there were no dimensions, planets, humans, plants or animals. And there was no life! Neither was light!

Now, the only matter which was filled up the vacuum, were Dark Gases. And so dark gases covered the entire realm! Yet, these Dark Gases were no travelling up in any particular direction of the spiritual realm.

Dark Gases of a Dark Vacuum

However, to say something is a Spirit realm means that it has an exact nature of gases: for example, as Air.

So, that was why these dark gases of the spiritual realm traveled not to any particular direction, since we know it is the behavior of gases. These dark gases were flowing through a vacuum, or like a long and eternal black hole, of dark powerful gases.

In Genesis Chapter 1:2, the Bible describes this black role of dark gases perfectly well.


It ‘… was formless (not having a particular direction) and empty (void), darkness (dark energies) was over the surface of the deep (hole)…’

 Gen. 1:2 NIV

Even though the scripture speaks of the first state of the earth-environment before God began transforming it, it was the same characteristic of the spiritual realm, when He hadn’t yet been out.

Moreover, it was a spiritual kind of MATTER, having volume, movements and of the colour black, which was as a result of the dark gases in motion inside a vacuum.

According to God’s Spirit, a good way to describe this realm, will be, ‘ An Emptiness of Nothingness.’

Because of this gas-like nature, the spiritual realm or world, though exists, is still not visible to us. That is because, a gas, like air, cannot be seen, though can be felt. It exists and it’s always in motion.


Meaning of ‘Realms’ or ‘Worlds’

The titles ‘world’ and realm’ mean the same thing –an atmosphere of energies or colliding charges being static in a body or vacuum, or in motion, in this body or vacuum.

Hence apart from the above characteristic, it was also a world of powers, energies and charges. So the Spiritual world, just like the physical world, possesses electromotive and electro-magnetic energies. Therefore, it was a charged realm, made of electrons and ions.

Thus, like the physical universe, the Spirit realm too is a charged realm of powerful energies, having positive (+) and negative (-) electrons in motion throughout the realm. So this explains why both words ‘REALM’ and ‘WORLD,’ mean the same thing. They are both atmospheres of great release of powerful energies, which are made up of positive (+) and negative electrons (-).

But these energies or powers were of supernatural nature, because it was a spiritual realm. It was a super-than-natural realm or world of dark ionized gases in flow.

Then, according to the Lord’s Spirit, one natural phenomenon in our universe which can be compared to these pre-existent characteristics is the Dark Matter of the Earth-realm, in Space; where the stars are located.

Dark Energy Matter

According to Space scientists, the dark matter of Space is also made up of dark moving gases flowing not to any particular direction. It is also a dead energy.

They also discovered electrical energy (positive and negative charges), radioactive energy (electromagnetic and electromotive energies), potential and kinetic energies in this realm of dark energy matter.

So the Spirit realm in those moments had similar characteristics of the dead-dark matter of the physical universe (matter shown above).

In fact, according to the Spirit, Space’s dead-dark matter was actually created by God to have similar characteristics as the Spiritual one which had existed before our universe was made. But the Spiritual one is just before Time.

The Scientific Reason why the realm was Dark, Empty and was without life

There are scientific justifications to these effects, why this Spirit world, just like the one we see, was filled with dark energy and dead energy, and thus was without light and life.

Initially, we said that there were electrical charges in this world. Despite all this, there was still no light.

This unveils that, the Spirit world would have been an atmosphere of light or light energies, if the inherent charges were in perfect balance to meet light generating conditions; since as we are aware it takes positive and negative charges to generate light.

Thus, the positive charges (+) and negative charges (-) were never in perfect balance in those moments of the spiritual world

Thus, the lack of a perfect balance between the hidden charges (+ and -) did not cause light to be produced in this eternal world. Hence, like in Space there was darkness in the Spirit realm.

As a result, the world’s appearance or nature was an atmosphere of dark energies or dark gases in motion, moving from eternity to eternity.

The emptiness of nothingness on the other hand was as a result of the vaporization of these gases; for emptiness and nothingness is as moving gases having no particular direction to go.

In addition, the absence of life was also due to the lack of a perfect balance between opposite charges or energies. For instance, Life as known in Biological Science studies, comes into existence, when the opposite charges, ((x (+) and y (-) chromosomes) joins together to form a perfect balance.

Now, in view of this, as a result of the lack of perfect balance there was constantly low energy release instead of a high energy release to generate life.

It is well understood that low release of energy levels bring about death. For example, if your physical energies are too low for you to do anything, it is possible for you to fall down and die because your energy level is too low to carry you in life.

Death comes about when one’s physical energies are too low for him to do anything. Hence, a person can die out of too much starvation, during a period of famine.

So then, at any time we eat, we cause our bodily cells to receive energy for vitality and stamina. Then we become physically strong, live and then carry on in life.

Hence, the world was not only covered in spiritual darkness or blackness, however, it was also covered in deep spiritual death. In death, it was quiet or still, without life or any life activity.

For the above reasons, the world is called ‘A Dead-Dark Spiritual World.’

Therefore, if there had been perfect balances between opposite charges and inherent energies, there would have been the production of light and also life.

Both two conditions of light and life would rather be the something (+) to fill up the emptiness of nothingness (-) which existed in the Spirit in the Spirit realm, before Time.

Hence, the Spirit’s description of the spirit realm as a Spirit energy realm of the ‘Emptiness of Nothingness,’ was justified.


It ‘…was formless and empty (void), and darkness (dark energies) covered the deep (black hole of this empty Space)…’

Gen. 1:2 NIV

Hence, a realm of darkness, was in existence, before Time, had began. hence, it was also a world of emptiness, in which nothing existed. 

The Mystery behind God’s Origin!

So now where was God at that moment in those moments of everlasting dark energies? Where was He, if this was how the state of the beginning was? How did His life come into existence in a powerful spiritual world of dark energies and death energies?

The Spirit shocked me by His statement which followed:


‘At that eternal moment God was this same World of Everlasting Darkness, the same World of Everlasting Death.’

He was the Emptiness of Nothingness’


In fact, when I heard His words, I was absolutely shocked beyond measure!

The Spirit made me understand that this was indeed a hidden secret, and nobody knows about it, because nobody knows anything about God’s origin! All we have read in the scriptures is that He is by nature a Spirit or a Psychic Energy of Light in fusion with Life energies.

He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness (The darkness of the Spirit), but will have the L I G H T    O F    L I F E.

John 8:12 NIV

He alone can never die, and HE LIVES IN LIGHT SO BRILLIANT that no human can approach him. No human eye has ever seen him, nor ever will. All honor and power to him forever! Amen.

1 Tim. 6:16 NLT

That means that God knew about this power and its dangerous effects before the Earth begun. Yet, this power in the forbidden fruit had its origin from the Spirit realm, where He God had originated from.

Thus, according the Holy Spirit, before creation, the Father was the only one who knew about this Spiritual place, and that was because He was from this realm! Hence, at the beginning of this Chapter, the Lord asked me to describe the state of the realms before Time-A dead dark Spiritual World, with scientific explanations to why such a place existed in the realm of the Spirit.

We know that God is by nature light, but the secret is that He had originated from an energy realm of spiritual darkness.

Well, I know you will be wondering that if that was true, ‘how then did God who is Light originate from the Bottomless Pit of dark energies, which He casts Satan into?

Though He knew my thoughts, the Holy Spirit also asked me to see whether I could find out, ‘How did God originate from darkness to become light?’

Of course, I wasn’t sure and so quickly answered Him back ‘I don’t know.’

God’s Spirit was silent for a while, as though He was pondering over something. And then He finally cleared my head of the confusion. This, we shall see in the next chapter.


How God Originated

According to the Holy Spirit though this world was an atmosphere of spiritual energies of death and darkness, thus was full of impossibilities, there was still some high degree of possibilities hidden right inside it.

This was because of the presence of the same charges or energies (+ and -) flowing through it.

This means the presence of these (+) and (-) charges and energies in this same spiritual realm were enough to bring about Something needed to occupy the everlasting realm.

Of course, the transformation or change could only happen if these charges were to come into right balance for quite a moment. That will only be when this Something would be produced out of this Dead-Dark Everlasting Pit of Emptiness and of Nothingness.

Therefore, in the Emptiness of Nothingness (-), there are small energies of Something of Eternal Worth (+) because of the energies and electrical currents flowing through.

According this same understanding, humans have come to realize that possibilities are often hidden right inside conditions of impossibilities.

To this effect, world mathematicians teach that solutions to math problems are right inside the same math problems.

However, when we take our time to work out a math problem we would bring the Answer (named Amen in the Bible) out of the same impossible or difficult math problem.

Usually these answers come right after the variables of the math problems are brought into their right places (their proper place of balance). This would cause the variables to be brought to perfect balance, and would lead us to the Answer.

Because of this they find it very important to teach topics such as: Probabilities and Chances. Understanding this course will help mankind deduce Solutions from impossible looking occurrences (events) in his life time. Indeed, this is a wise method to overcoming impossible conditions or issues.

However, whenever men fear dark issues they lose FAITH to see the answers that may have been in the same problem, as a little Open Gate of Salvation, Door, or the Way or Path out.

Hence, as far as the progress of Life is concerned, the sure progress of life depends on the solid foundation virtue of Faith, or even at least Hope to move on, when all hell (problems) break loose on you.

This was why God had also voiced it out clearly that as long as the progress and safety conditions of life is concerned,


…the just shall live by faith…

Heb. 10:38 KJB


No matter what, God expects us to think positively, and to make positive confessions in the face of adversities or impossible looking conditions.

Our words are abstract energies to cause great effects. We must always learn to speak positively. God teaches us this important lesson of life by saying that we should never fear: ‘fear not.’ It is our faith that will save us, not our fears or worries in the midst of negative environment or conditions.

Hence, God tells us that:


‘If any man draws back, My soul shall not be pleased in him.’

Heb. 10:38 KJB


In other words, there is no room for retrogression in the face of adversity. He was proud with David for having faith in Him, in the face of Goliath the giant and bully, while the other armies were afraid, escaping for their lives. He had told Moses to move forward, while the Egyptians were coming with many armories behind them.

Fear will cause us to lose this Something of Substance which is the Answer, or the Amen, that might emerge out of the problem.


Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

Isa. 41:10 NLT


This Something becomes the Answer (Amen) or the Gate of Salvation to our petitions or the request of our prayers, which we so wish to have in the face of adversity and any type of challenge, which sometimes often look like they are impossible for us to solve like difficult math problems.

Hence, because these same (+) and (-) electrical charges were present in the eternal Spirit realm, they were capable of generating light. Thus, it was so possible for God’s radioactive body of light to be formed from this same everlasting realm of dark energies, as long as these charges could also generate Something or a Spirit of Light.

Secondly, it was possible for His radioactive body of life energies to be formed too, if the low energies of this Spirit world should receive energy boost to bring about changes in energy levels and give it the right and high energy level it needs.

This therefore brings us to an important understanding that;


All four properties, darkness, death, light and life have electromagnetic and electromotive energies (+ and -) in their bodies or realms.

Therefore Darkness isn’t fully darkness, and death isn’t fully death. Darkness has hidden light energies right inside its realms or system because of the same charges.

A system or realm of death is also not 100% death, but also has life energies hidden inside its system or in small measure because of the same charges.

On the other hand, an atmosphere of Light also has some hidden energies of darkness inside its atmosphere or body but in smaller measure.

And the atmosphere of life too has small energies of death inside its atmospheres or body in smaller measure due to the same inherent charges.

However, their differences come depending on whether these charges inside them are in perfect balance or not, and also as a result of the high or low energy levels they possess in their regional atmospheres or system, respectively.

Depending upon the above conditions, one of such is bound to exist more and be produced at the expense of the other.

While Darkness and Death are produced through imperfect balance of charges and low energy levels in any given system, realm or atmosphere, Light and Life are produced through the perfect balance of charges and the evidence of high energy levels respectively.

When one should exist then it means its energies are more in the body, system or environment. It had gotten the conditions to favour it.


Spiritual Wars between Lights and Darkness

This means, when Darkness and its companion of Death become possible through extremely low energy levels being unleashed and imperfect balance of these charges, Light and its companion of Life cannot stand, but will be put out.

Then men will say that there is darkness here or there is death in this place, in this body or in this system.

On the other hand, when Light with its companion of Life is formed through relatively higher energy levels and inherent charges in perfect balance, Darkness with its companion of Death, this time, will also not stand. They will also vanish from sight, to be replaced by life and light energies in the same environment, body or realm or system.

Then men will change their language and say ‘Now, light has come. There is light here in this body, in this place or system. This body is alive.’


‘And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness DID NOT COMPREHEND IT.’

John 1:5 NASB


These remain their conditions, respectively.

Therefore we can conclude that God’s former state of Dead Energy and Dark Energy (The everlasting Darkness of Hell), preexisted in this state as a result of the low energy levels, and imperfect balances of positive (+) and negative (-) charges and energies of in the same System of the realm of the Spirit.


Gradual Changes in Energy-Levels

According the Lord’s Spirit certain effects happened later on in the same eternal realm, causing a moment of change in this Great Spirit Realm which was empty and filled with God’s former power of Dark energies.

According to Him there came a moment in that eternal realm when the (+) and (-) charges came into rightful balance. It could easily happen because of the charges (+ and -) in all over the realm.

Of course, this momentarily effected changes in the energy levels, enabling light producing conditions to be met given that the positive and negative charges had come into rightful balance.

Light, being (God’s new nature) originated out of the energy world of darkness. Instantly, He was changed or transformed, leading Him to Him to become the Spirit of Light.

God then became a New Creation, recreated from dark energies which were pre-existing, through perfect balance and high energies that were unleashed.

The Lord’s past was gone from that moment onwards, and He became who we know He’s come to be-the eternal Father of life and Lights.

We can say that it was as though an electrician just closed an electric circuit. Then the connected source of light to the power supply produced its lights.

Moreover, the Father’s far-reaching transformation from a dark energy realm or body (being) to a light energy realm or body, could easily take place because as an Energy Being, He could change or convert from one form to another, because energy, as also well discovered in science, is capable of changing from one form to another. Hence, that was how light energy could come out of everlasting dark energies.

For God, who said, “LET LIGHT SHINE OUT OF DARKNESS,” has shone in our hearts to give the LIGHT OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE GLORY (the nature) OF GOD

2 Cor. 4:6 ESV

It was the same logic that God had also used to create light out the dark matter in our universe in Genesis 1


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Now the earth was formless and empty (Space), darkness (dark energies) was over the surface of the deep (black hole), and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good…


Gen 1: 1-4 NIV

So the scenario was like light energy coming out of dark energies after the changes in energy levels.

Graphical image of God’s Origin

Therefore, according to the Holy Spirit, the details in Genesis 1, shows us exactly how God also originated from a Spiritual dark energy world, called Hell in the Bible, as light energy. They were just following the same procedure to create another one (another Something or Solution of Light) from an existing world of Dark energies.

The Spirit said,


‘This was how God the Father had originated and had appeared as the Energy of Light from an old nature of dark spiritual (Gas) realm.


Moreover, we also know that Lights are actually flaming gases caused by changes in energy levels when positive and negative ions in a given realm or body collide under certain conditions favouring it.

Thus, this was how God the Father’s bodily nature of Light had come about, before everything was created.


Heavens declaring God’s Special Glory

 In Psalm 19, the Bible reveals to us that the heavens, that is to say, the universe, reveals God’s glory. Apart from what He had written in His word, God has actually shown how He originated in Space..

Space Scientists have discovered that there seems to be light energy in the background of Space’s dark matter, which is exactly like the dark energy matter in the unseen realm God originated from.

This means that they also realized that the physical dark matter in space is also not 100% darkness of a dark energy realm. This is just as we saw, that, darkness has particles of light energies hidden inside it as well.

They have called this effect of cosmic light energies behind the dark matter The Cross Microwave Background or CMB in short.

Now, after many centuries of astronomical investigation, they’ve also come to discover a marvel that, in Space is a DEEP HOLE in the DARK ENERGY MATTER. This hole of the dark energies, Space have described and defined it as a Black Hole.

As known this was the nature of God’s beginning. The fascinating aspect is that they have also seen that light energy is coming out of this Black Hole of Space.

Black Hole and its Light


In fact, this effect of cosmic light energy, emerging from the deep Black Hole is exactly how it was in God’s beginning. That was also why I used the same picture of the Black Hole above to indicate to you the nature of God’s origin.

However, while Space Scientists see these things they have never understood it, why this marvel exists in Space. To them it might come by Chance or by the Big Bang. Yet, the Lord said to me that this was made to tell of the story of His origin from a Spiritual dark Energy to become Light. Moreover, Apostle Paul had declared even before Space Science came that, certain things of nature reveres God’s Glory:

for from the first making of the world (the universe), those things of God which the eye is unable to see, that is, his eternal power and existence are fully made clear, he having giving the knowledge of them through the things he has made (in the universe)…

Romans 1:20 BBE

If it was by Chance or from the so called Big Bang, then that marvel should have disappeared by now. Indeed, God created it as a sign to give knowledge of His origin in Universe (the heavens).

This is why He had already showed may years back that nature speaks of His pre-existent glory, for He was the same one who made it (the universe’s model) for us to live in it. Thus, there are no excuses for us to be making.

In the book of beginnings (Genesis), which talks of, how the Universe begun,  God had shown that our universe actually started with the presence of dark energy in which light energy emerged out from it (Gen I:1-3).

See what God had said before Space was entered by Scientists.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth (The Universe). And the earth was without form, and void (flowing not to any particular direction); and darkness (dark matter of dark energies) was upon the face of the deep (hole).

 And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, LET THERE BE LIGHT: AND THERE WAS LIGHT (The Cosmic light out of this heaven’s dark energies or its dark hole).

Gen 1:1-3 KJB

Thus, in Space God created the first light of Space to come out of the Dark Energy Hole to reveal how He had originated.

Had not this scripture been given more than 3000 years before human Space scientists traveled to Space to explore all these creations feats, of the Living Lord?

Moreover, notice that this light wasn’t the same as the light from the Sun, the moon or the Stars. This is because this heavenly light was created out of the heavenly darkness (dark energies of the deep), but the Sun, the moon and the Stars where created on the 4th day. So then what was that light doing there in Space when already there were Sunlights, Moonlights and the Lights of Stars?

In order words, God had already kept records of His beginnings, by creating this spectacular occurrence in Space, to manifest His Glory, of Light Energy, coming out of Dark Energy Matter.

In other words, Hell and its Bottomless Pit has been manifested in Space too as the Black Hole in the deep realm of Space.

…. The heavens (the Universe) proclaim the glory of God, (i.e. the appearances of His natures)…

Psalm 19:1 NLT

This suggest that the reason why there is a Cross Microwave Background, a dark energy matter, a Black hole, with gaseous light emerging out of it in Space are to declare both the former and later glories of God, which had taken place before Time and Space began.

God used the scientific explanations He had shown, which borders around the differences of balances of charges and changes of energy levels to create them so they would exist to speak of the glory of His origin.

It is also very important that if God Himself would like to scientifically explain to us on how He had originated and preexisted, He would also have to show it in relation with what He had already said in His Word or in Scripture, through His servants. And He has said that, His origin has already been explained here.

For from the first making of the world, THOSE THINGS OF GOD WHICH THE EYE IS UNABLE TO SEE, that is, HIS ETERNAL POWER AND EXISTENCE ARE FULLY MADE CLEAR, he having giving the knowledge of them THROUGH THE THINGS HE HAS MADE, so that men have no reason for wrongdoing:

Romans 1:20 BBE

He is the One who gives the Word and the interpretations to His Word, to match what he had previously said.

Therefore, though, all of God’s Sons and Daughters know that God is an Eternal Energy of Light and Life, we have never known how He came to be the energy of light and life, which we have all become partakers of.



The Beginning of the Father’s Life

 How did God have life, if we understand how He had His nature of light?

According to the Spirit, the Father’s life energies also came out with the light energy of God, at the same time, from the Everlasting Dark Pit (The Bottomless Pit), during that same moment of change in energy levels.

While His energies of life emerged from His old nature of death, His energies of light also emerged from His old nature of darkness, and both were fused into one emerging Spirit being.

Hence, God, upon having two main qualities of light energies and life energies as His nature, gave Himself the title name ‘THE LIGHT OF LIFE’ to describe this new glory of life He had now assumed.

This means He had become directly opposite to this everlasting realm of DARKNESS and DEATH.

Based on these scientific justifications, this title name of God, being one of the first and foremost titles adopted and used by God, is valid or makes sense. God did not just choose the title ‘Light of Life’ just like that, but was from a reason. He had chosen it based on His new glory (nature) He had assumed before, Time.

The Holy Spirit added, ‘So, that is why Father calls Himself as the ‘LIGHT OF LIFE.

At the same time God has also given Himself the title ‘The Light of the World’ to mean that He was and is the light of the dark Spirit realm as well as the physical world, since there’s darkness in both realms). Hence, to a very great extent if there had not been a realm of darkness, His nature of Light would not have had any meaning, in relation to this darkness.

…I AM the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness (spiritual darkness), but will have the LIGHT OF LIFE (the true energies of light and life of His second glorious nature).

John 8:12, ESV.

Thus today, when we speak of the realm of the Spirit, we talk of two main things, The Spirit realm of Spiritual darkness (in a Pit) and the realm of His Light (which is in the Power of God’s outshining Glory somewhere, above the realms).

So He was a system of darkness who had transformed into a kingdom of light, from the Spirit realm. Hence, the Bible says that when we are also saved by Him, we would be transported from the realm of spiritual death and darkness into His marvelous Lights.

For he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son,

Col. 1:13 NLT

Therefore, there’s no Light in the Realm, except God.

Till present, we know that, the Father’s nature of light continually shines in the Heavenly Darkness which was His former place of life, called the Bottomless Pit according to the Bible.

Now, after originating as light, the Spirit said that, God began to journey, or move slowly out of the eternal black hole or the Bottomless Pit, as they see in Space.

While He moved, He was the only light which could be seen travelling in the everlasting Spiritual realm of dark energies of death, since He was the only SOMETHING (ANSWER), to come out and exist, to fill up the emptiness of Heavenly Space. Over here, the scenario looked like a lone Star noticed in far reaching realm of Space’s dark matter while the dark matter represent the darkness of the spiritual environment.

God as A Star

So, the Father also began as the Bright Morning Star, and travelled up in the realm alone’ said the Spirit.

In fact, it has also been the reason why apart from naming Himself, as the Light of Life, He also named Himself The Bright Morning Star. Hence, in Rev. 22:16, God said,

‘I am the bright Morning Star.’

Rev. 22:16 NLT

God was by nature the first Bright Morning Star to live. Again, we should be aware that, He also created Stars to reveal another kind of His glory.

We know that Stars are actually ionized gases in Space. Gases too have charges or ions and they are able to generate light. Therefore, as a matter of fact lights are usually flaming gases caused by changes in their energy levels when the positive and negative ions within them which collide, or react under certain conditions. Like the Father, these are how stars were also formed by Him too, which are observed at night, as part of the night sky, in the observable universe.

So, this was how the Holy Spirit explained with Science, how God obtained Supernatural energies of light and life, and so became the Light of Life and also the first Bright Morning Star to exist in the dark Spirit realm by Himself, before Time began.

While I pondered over the things the Lord was teaching me, I noticed that all these scientific explanations made sense. Science teaches these living effects too.

But, how else would God’s light be produced if not by the coming together of charges as taught us in our science class? And how else would He have Life to live, if not because of the presence of charges and life-giving energies in the spiritual dead realm of power, as we have been taught in Science too?

So I could now understand Paul’s statement, when he said to the Roman Church, that in nature is the hidden knowledge of God; the knowledge hidden from our eyes, and from the foundations of this world.

How God Obtained His name ‘JESUS,’ before Time

So now, in review, out of the same everlasting emptiness of nothingness came out Something (The Life of Light) to fill up the dark Emptiness of Nothingness. Well, He’s wasn’t actually Something but Someone because He was a being, full of spiritual energies of Life as we, for after all He gave us life.

Moreover, we have come to understand that in Nothingness (-), there will always be small energies of Something (+) which is an Answer, because of the behavior of these same charges and energies flowing through.

Hence, in any world of impossibilities, because of the behavior of these same inherent energies and charges, there are great possibilities or chances or events of something which might come out.

Thus God became Someone full of Life Energies to be formed in the dark world of Power.

So then, out of the eternal world of unsolvable questions, problems and challenges came the Amen, meaning the Answer, Solution or Salvation (Yeshua).

The Spirit added that this was why God also added to Himself the title names, ‘The Amen (meaning the Answer)’ and the ‘Salvation (the Solution)’, to mean that He the Father emerged and became the Answer or the Solution to the long eternal problem of Emptiness of Nothingness, and the power of Spiritual darkness and death.

Write this letter to the angel of the church in Laodicea. This is the message from the one who is the AMEN (i.e. the Answer, or Solution to eternal unsolvable questions)-the faithful and true witness, THE BEGINNING (of Life):’

Rev. 3:14 NLT.

‘… The lord is my light and my SALVATION (The Solution or Answer)-so why should I be afraid? …’

Psa. 27:1 NLT

This means that, apart from God being called The Light of Life, He is also called the ‘Answer’, ‘the Amen’, ‘the Solution,’ ‘the Salvation,’ to all spiritual problems. But, having become a better Solution to an everlasting world of eternal problems of Death and Darkness, in Spirit, how much more of a Solution would He be to this world of Time?

Now, in the Jewish language, these title name ‘Solution’ or ‘Salvation’  is pronounced ‘YESHUA.’

Thus, ‘Yeshua’ means ‘The Salvation, the Saviour, the Answer and the Amen as well

The Holy Spirit, however, added that the English translation for the title name, ‘Yeshua,’ was what is called JESUS!

Hence, this is why this name JESUS means Salvation, Saviour, the Amen or the Answer.

Therefore, this first Spirit to become the First Answer to the Possible Chances and Events of the workings of the inherent charges was no one the person than, JESUS!

Thus, the name JESUS also pre-existed the Universe, and in fact, it was Jesus who became the ‘SOLUTION,’ thus the ‘SAVIOUR’ out of the impossible looking questions of the everlasting realm of death and darkness, in those moments when nothing was in existence.

God the Father, in other words, before time, had adopted the name for the fact that, by logic, He was the first Answer or Solution to step out of the impossible looking questions of the Everlasting emptiness of Nothingness.

Thus, the Father considered that condition of Emptiness or Nothingness which existed in the Spirit realm before Time, as a problem, while His ability to come out of that eternal problem of emptiness and nothingness, became the solution to this eternal problem. Thus, He became the ‘Solution’ or the ‘Salvation,’ or the beginning Answer (the Amen) to that problem which was existing before Time.

So then, God wants you and I to understand that He did not just coin  the name ‘Jesus’, but has coined it by logical reasoning, which considering His relationship the environment before Time.

Moreover too, most people in the world don’t know that the name is first, God’s name. According to the Spirit, it was actually God the Father who coined it, for He was the One who had come out of the eternal world of emptiness and nothingness.

Thus it was the Father who had given the name to the Son, the One whom God sent to die for our sins and to also deliver us from this same Pit of Spiritual death and Darkness (Hell: the same world of emptiness)  where Lucifer and his cohorts now abide.

Thus, this Man Jesus, though not believed on by many when He came was sent by God the Father, who was the Father of Life, the Father of lights, armed with all Answers and Solutions to solve all the problems of the realms.

Now, regarding the name, listen to what Jesus personally said when He was praying to God, while interceding on our behalf.  You will notice that while God’s Son was praying He used the name ‘Jesus’ because God, who is now angry with man, will hear when His Son mentions the name, which God, according to His own like, personally coined before Time,-the name He would like to use forever. This is the name of God known by all of as ‘J E S U S!

Holy Father, YOU HAVE GIVEN ME YOUR NAME; now protect them by the power of your name so that they will be united just as we are. 

During my time here, I protected them by the power of the NAME YOU GAVE ME. I guarded them so that not one was lost, except the one headed for destruction (the one entering into Bottomless Pit where the Father originated from; this was Judas), as the Scriptures foretold.

1“Now I am coming to you. I told them many things while I was with them in this world so they would be filled with my joy. 

I have given them your word. And the world hates them because they do not belong to the world, just as I do not belong to the world…

They do not belong to this world any more than I do.  Make them holy by your truth; teach them your word, which is truth.

Father, bring glory to YOUR name.”

Then a voice spoke from heaven (being God the Father), saying, “I HAVE ALREADY BROUGHT GLORY TO MY NAME, and I WILL DO SO again.”

John 12:28

We can see that God, glorified His name because all along it had been Him who had sent the Angel to Mary, to tell her that, that was how the baby she had inside her womb should be called, because this baby who was from He God, had the destiny to save the world from all sins-the sins of spiritual death and darkness, committed by Adam, through which the whole universe of men, will go to Hell-the place where He God Himself originated before Time. Why do I say Hell? Because, Hell is a Pit, Its a Vacuum.

So, this is the first indication that God who is not a respecter of persons, chose and made this name to be exalted above every name, whether names in Heaven or Earth, forever and ever.

Hence, if a man calls the Father’s name, He has also called the Son’s name as well, and He who should mention the Son’s name, is also mentioning the Father’s name as well, because the name was endowed the Son by the Father, to represent God’s personality here.

As well, the name also, belongs to the Holy Spirit, who is also a member of the Father’s trinity.

And so, look at what Jesus said;

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations; baptize them into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit;

Matt. 28:19 WNT

So, we have come to know that God the Father, and the Son, together with the Holy Spirit, became the Answer, or the Amen, that is, the Solution, Salvation, or Saviour, The Light of the Whole Worlds (both realms of darkness), the Bright Morning Stars, and above all they who men of the world, have all come to know as God, called Jesus!

And now, at the mention of this name, God would require, that all things must bow, because He’s God alone; the Sovereign One.

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

Phil 2:10 NLT



(Prince Akogo, called to be Pastor and Teacher by the Anointing of the Lord)

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