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3 Great things to do to be happy in Life: God Reveals


3 Great things to do to be Happy in Life: God Reveals


As the Economy, has began to be difficult, the Lord, began to show me, some things, that we must do, to liberate ourselves from the pain, that we go through. So then He’d told me to write on these things for us to do, as He gave these posts, to show us, what we must do, to come out of our Economic and financial troubles.

Some are on Great Counsel, from the Lord, to help us, on issues of stress Management, Home Management, on Personal Development, Marriage, Relationship, Your Business Growth, or Development, on Your Health, Being Happy, and others. Please, make sure to subscribe, to receive an update on these revelations, that He’s pouring forth, to help mankind relieve Himself off current human troubles, which borders, on each of the areas, of life.

This post talks about 3 Great things to do, to be happy in life, which the Lord has given, as a Word of Counsel.

After this, read the other ones, by clicking on their links below or finding them, anywhere on this site.  

Point 1

Learn, to be a Giver

One of the actual things the Lord spoke to me about , in regard, to how to be happy in life is, to be a Giver.

He said that, there is a feeling that comes up, when you give to the needy, and to the poor. This comes with a sensation, where you feel good, and glad, in your heart, that you touched someone, especially, those who cannot give back to you; and they wept, and they cried, and they were sober, and they never ceased to praise you, and they couldn’t stop telling you, how grateful they were, and you told them, ‘IT’S OKAY,’ and you were like, ‘Oh please, stop crying, it’s okay,’ and they were like, ‘Oh no please, you saved me today.’

This one, comes with a blessing which can even make you join them, to weep, Joyfully, as well.

It’s like you had become like a little Jesus, in their lives (this is what God calls for); a savior, to them. For all you know, that man, or woman, may have been contemplating on, suicide on that day…

It also comes, with a feeling of love, and great great compassion. Look, there are many people around, who need, a touch, of our hands; the government can’t help them, their families, cannot help them, neither, will they ever be able to help themselves, for the rest, of their lives. Please, don’t be judgy; just go about doing your good, as Jesus, went about, doing good.

Hence, as you, multiply or increase the rate, at which you continue giving, especially, to people who can’t give to you, you’ll increase more of that joy and gladness, of your soul. This can be a long-lasting happiness, than just a two-hour comedy show, where you spend over, a hundred Ghana cedis, or over, 80-90 dollars.

Yet, probably, what you could just give to the person, may be just 2 dollars.

I tell you, this was how God learn’t to be happy, as He saves us all.

Hence, let’s not be only talking, or thinking about ourselves, but also, about others, most especially, to see what we can do to help others continuously, when they don’t have what it takes, to take care of themselves.

Also, as you do this, besides all the good feeling you have in your mind, and in your soul, and a healing, to your body, God will also make sure that, you’re also happy, too, and would be also very gracious, unto you, for taking good care, of one of his very ‘needy,’ creations.

He sees that, even though He is not here to do it; you are here, to do it, on His behalf. Yes, that is what, the Lord God wants. Therefore, He would bless you, and make sure, you are happy.

Thus, how can we expect to be happy, when we don’t make other people, happy? There’s a law of ‘Exchange and Returns,’ that says that, when we give Out Something, we also get the same back, and sometimes, even more. We need to give, so that we will also be able to take more, but from Him alone. Therefore, as we give happiness to others, God makes sure, He gives happiness, too to us.

Point 2

You Should Mind Your Own Business:

While you are not to be headstrong, a way to make you happy in life, which helps you to relieve yourself of a lot of stress, is to mind your own business in life, and not join other people who mess in other people’s lives or businesses so you could keep, more of the joy, you have.

Yes, we should learn not to talk about others; especially, in a way, which is not so polite. Both men, women and God hates that.

Human beings, do not give you trouble, if you don’t give them trouble. God too will not give you trouble, if you don’t give Him trouble. A fool goes up, getting people into trouble, and so gets himself into trouble. So as you mind your own business, you stay a lot away from trouble in order to stay cool, and gentle and happy in yourself for a very long time. Rather, make people feel good, in a good way.

Yes, speak Peace to others to get more Peace back, and in your nature, be a ‘fruit of Peace,’ onto others.

God would then give you Peace. Remember, it’s God who gives Peace, not mankind.

Point 3

You Must also Love Yourself.

Now the Lord, told me that, ‘Don’t Walk, or Never Walk, with People’s Opinions, about you.’ You first of all just have to know that, what you are doing is, right,’

Yes, this is what, the Lord told me.

Learn, to walk in your strength, and in your powers, not other people’s paths, or what other people think.

Be yourself; be who you are:

And be Glad, about who you are, and also, about how different, and unique that you are.

Then also, you must also love yourself, and you must have understanding in yourself, that you have both weaknesses and strengths. There, stay with balance. Don’t put 100% trust in yourself; and neither 0% percent trust in yourself. That is how we were created to be, so that we will learn to be humble.

Hence, for this reason, know for sure that, there are some things, you can fail in, and there are some things that, you can actually do well in, or succeed in.

So then, don’t try to worry yourself, in trying to achieve some things, you cannot, so it doesn’t become hard for your, or stress you; and therefore, makes you also, unhappy. And so, try not to make people, who are not worth it, mark out a standard for you.

And so, it should, only be their standards, not yours-in dressings, in achievement, in your goal setting, in marriage, as well, in business, in your con. We often worry about other people’s successes, and that, often makes us unhappy as well.

This is what is causing most of us, to be stressed, while following other people’s goals, as though they’ve been made chiefs; and we have been made slaves or servants, of them. They are not! They only, walk in their own line, or path; and sometimes, they try to make it look like it is much better than yours. Just know about, your vision and line from God, and follow your path. They are not the one who judges; God is the One who judges; or else, you will see others doing well, in those business, and you’re not being able to do, and you feel so unsatisfied, dejected, burdened, unhappy, and also stressed out; and then begin putting blame, on yourself.

Find your niche, where you know you can do, and what you know, you can do, and go and do them. Then, you will also be successful, and you’ll not be overly stressed out.

Yes, that’s what God, wants you, to do. Start slow, and you will make it big. Hence, don’t measure or compete yourself with other people; it is a waste of time. Secondly, the Lord, told me that, He did not created any man to perfect (to be 100%), and so don’t overly trust people, or in yourself, so that when you fail, or they also fail you, you don’t get stressed out-since it’s a nature.

Hence, forgive yourself, and try not to walk with other people’s opinions, about yourself; just believe, in yourself.

So then, it would be better, if you mind your own business, as we said, in point 2.

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So then, measure not yourself with other people’s works, and also with what other people, are doing, or you’ll end up becoming stress up, and most especially, emotionally, you may become down. Since, God, never created, you and him the same, then you have to walk, in your own pace, and learn, to move, according to your own pace.

We see, on social media, and on the print media, where people come to intentionally paste, what, is going on every day, in life, as though, everything about them, is fine, and we are like, ‘Why are we not going forward?

Infact, the Lord told me that, ‘sometimes, the act of we posting, so many things about ourselves, can be the recipe, to our downfall;’ thus, it can be dangerous.’ It could be the tool, which could lead to your downfall, just as well, Joseph had opened his mouth widely or publicly, what the Lord had said, He was going to do for him, and he almost got himself killed-by these same people.’

Now, don’t think everything you post, People will like it, even, if they should click ‘the like’ button.

I’m sure you agree with me that, if it had not been God, and his mercies, Joseph, would have still been killed! He was going to be wiped out, of the Earth!!!

Yes, in many cases, not all of you, may have it, that way.

We think it’s fun for people, just be posting every private thing, about their life around?

A man, who is on a good course, never does things like that. Today, it means that, we’re the ones, carrying ourselves there, for the destruction; and God is like, ‘Why?’

Hence, mostly, we mostly post things, that would should always be of help, to other people, and as well, keep your secrets, private!

Now, to learn more, I will say that, in a classroom, nobody finishes his exams, at the same time. Everyone, and when he, or she finishes it. If a person finishes quite early, doesn’t mean, you’ll instantly make the grades.

Maybe, he’s the one, who is to get all the zeroes. So, learn, to walk in your own pace, and never be disturbed, in your minded, about what, others think or feel, or post.

And besides, you’re successful, in your own eyes, because, no one, has any standard there, marked out for you and me, to follow. It is God who is trying to use, us all, just how we, are.

Its all about, what you think. So, in your own eye, you’re successful, but not in view, of others. They make you feel they are going somewhere; when they are not going anyway.

Yet, for wherever we all get to, we must all, thank God; that’s, the thing that matters; my dear.

So, be joyful in yourself; sing praises to your God, and make enough melody, in your hearts; and you don’t have to stress, yourself out.

Have this, understanding; and you’ll be matured, in life.

Go on, have fun in yourself; smile, jump up, and praise the Lord, your God.

Have enough Joy

Share to help somebody.

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