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4 Great things to do, that will spice up your Marital Relationship: The Lord finally Reveals


 4 Great things to do, that will spice up your Marital Relationship: The Lord finally Reveals:


As the Economy, has began to be difficult, the Lord, began to show me, some things, that we must do, to liberate ourselves from the pain, that we go through. So then He’d told me to write on these things for us to do, as He gave these posts, to show us, what we must do, to come out of our Economic and financial troubles.

Some are Great Counsel, from the Lord, to help us, on issues of stress Management, Home Management, on Personal Development, Marriage, Relationship, Your Business Growth, or Development, on Your Health, Being Happy, and others. Please, make sure to subscribe, to receive an update on these revelations, that He’s pouring forth, to help mankind relieve Himself off current human troubles, which borders, on each of the areas, of life.

This post talks about,  4 Great things to do, that will spice up your Marital Relationship, which the Lord has given, as a Word of Counsel, unto us.

After this, read the other ones, by clicking on their links below or finding them, anywhere on this site.  

The Lord had said to me that, there are four great things which would help, every marital relationship last long, or stand up on its feet; no matter, what relationship it may be.  Ofcourse, there are also others, but these are what, the Lord had said, I should discuss, in this post.


Point 1

Your ability, to say ‘Thank You.’

O, what will you do, when someone tells you the word, ‘thank you?’ Never, are we to throw the Word, ‘Thank You away’ That word, can give you ‘Promotion,’ which you don’t deserve.

It will cause people, to like you, both at home, and in the public, places. Don’t try to be like, those who are mean, and are insulting. Learn, to say ‘Thank You,’ and learn to be appreciative of things, and others.

These are virtues that are lost, and it is causing people, to be perishing.

If you want to let your business go far, learn to say thank you, to others.

We should not think that we deserve things, to happen to us, so then, we will not learn to say the words, ‘Thank You,’ to others.

Whatever we have received, we don’t deserve it, because it is God, who had given them to us.

Therefore, a house, and a marriage, in which the spouses, and the children, learn to say ‘Thank You,’ to each other, would flourish together.

This, was what, the Lord told me.

Societies and individual families, would be much better, if we all, learn, to say, ‘Thank You.’ Saying thank you, will not kill, you. So, we should not look, like ‘beast,’ by not being appreciative, of things.

Therefore, learn, to instill these values into your children, into your good and lovely wife, as well, by you also practicing it, as a Chief role model.

If we are not appreciative of things, as well as others, then the next time, they are not probably going to give it to us; yes, the next time, we all not probably, going, to get the contract.

Yes, we may ask, the next time, and will therefore, not get it! We must learn first, to be appreciative, by saying ‘Thank You.’

You don’t have the right to own anything, and actually, nothing belongs to you, and this is because, everything actually belongs, to God: we came with nothing, and will, surely not be going, with any dime, we own..

The earth is the Lord’s, and its fullness; and they that dwell therein. In the beginning was God, and Heaven, and the Earth was created by Him, in that beginning. So, we actually, owe, Him. Therefore, it calls for us, to be humble, and appreciative of things.

Hence, we must to go to Church and Pray, and Thank God.

Yes, our inability to go to church, is our inability, to always, say, ‘Thank You, to Jesus.’ Suddenly, that inability, has led to, our inability, to say, ‘ a big thank you,’ to our family, members, when they so, do something good, for us.

When, they do something for us, we are annoyed, instead of us, being ‘happy,’ and be ‘appreciative’ of them; no matter how it seems, or it looks, we are to be appreciative, friend.

We should never leave the word ‘Thank You,’ and must even strive to be, the first always, who will let that word, come out of us, because, those words, gladdens, both a man and God’s soul, when done, in a good and  happy or joyous way.

Yes, we must be very joyous to say thank yous, because they are, amazingly rewarding; meanwhile, a lot of individuals, and families, do away with it.

Therefore, they’ve neglected, its benefits, as I’ve spoken to you, a lot of them, here.

Spice your Life, with these ‘Thank, You,’ and, also instill them to others in both your house, and in the office.  You will shine, and be different, amongst, all others. You Will win, the promotion, and the first of everything; yes, and of all recommendations, abroad, and here.

So, ‘Thank you, so much’ for reading this post, here. But, remember, to instill them, into your children.

Point 2

Saying, ‘I’m sorry’

Secondly, for some of us too, it is also very difficult for us to say, ‘I’m sorry:’ and when we are even made to say the word, we do not mean it. We are so hard, to say I’m sorry or ‘Please, Forgive Me, ’when we know we have to say it; Why?..

For lack of humility, for people to say ‘sorry,’ they are not going to have their important relationships back, both at home, and in their work place. For, most of the time, it is those of us, who are in the great, or leadership positions, that find it difficult, to actually use those simple words. However, surely, we are the ones, who would offend the greatest, because of our positions. Yes, the higher you go, the more greater, or higher, your sins may be, as against, those, who are lower.

So, we must learn to say, ‘I’m, really sorry,’ so, those others, learning from us, will copy, and learn to do it, to those, a step, below them. Therefore, society, would be great, indeed!

Jesus once said, definitely offences will come. He knew offences would come because men, are fallible. He also said, we should, forgive them. That was why He had also forgiven us, and has also come to die, for us. So then, it doesn’t still mean we are not be offending, others.

Sadly, sometimes, we should know that, while at a time others are offending you, you, as a man, may also be in the process, of offending others.

If not anyone we are offending, God. We have all, been offending God, ever since we came, onto, the Earth, and so we should learn how to forgive all others, while others, should, also learn, to forgive us.

And so Jesus said, ‘give us this day, our day bread, and forgive us also, Our trespasses, even as we forgive those, who trespass, against us.’

Sometimes, we should know, that, being Great, comes along with, the Gentleman, who is able to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ not the one, who’s always, defensive, on his, or her, opinions. God detests people who are like that; He sees them as arrogant, and cannot forgive, such people either, for they being men, see themselves as major, or as gods on the earth we live, in.

Thus, men, who have a calm heart, are also able, to say the words… ‘I’m very sorry, if I have offended you.’ Thus, for those who are not being able, to say, I’m Sorry, are soon, going to lose, a reward.

Yes, you should, show to the world, what type of man, or woman, you are; and show to that to the World that, the God of Humility, and of Great Calmness, and of Great Meaning, is in your Heart.

‘I’m sorry, if I offended you with my long choice of words, brother.’

And I’m saying it, because I want a reward, from it.

So, develop the habit of ‘I’m sorry’ at home, and also, in our Societies,, and let us forgive, one another. We will surely, with the household, be going far, in life.

Therefore, go to someone you’ve offended now, and say to him, or her, ‘I’m sorry-please, forgive me.’


Point 3

The Word ‘Please.’

Brother, don’t take the word ‘Please,’ for granted. Yes, to learn, to say ‘please,’ doesn’t make us become, beasts, in life; so it’s very important in our lives. However, many of us take, this particular word, ‘for granted.’ Learning to say ‘Please,’ and ‘I’m sorry’, will not kill you, at home, nor in the office, nor in the public squares. It will really help, you solve a lot issues in your relationships!

You could easily be rewarded, a promotion, as well. Yes, you could be liked, and as well, connected to, while nature itself, will be pleased to be with you, as well.

Yes, it is a sign of moral upbringing, before God, and as well amongst, men.

The Word Please, usually causes people, to give to you. Thus, when you’re proud, you will never be able to receive favour, and ‘life’ from People, if you don’t know how to actually say, ‘Please, Sir or Madam.’ Yes, the word, is a sign of showing, respect, to all others, whether they are great, or small.  Sometimes, if, you will be able to do, learn actually, to be able to say, ‘Please,’ to the younger ones as well, when they don’t need it..

So, do we know, that we are often losing a lot from not saying ‘please?’ Yes, we do, and we are.

Thus, these are the ingredients, that will  help spice up your relationships, and it will cause you, to live long, for a very very long time.

Yes, it will help!

Point 4

Learn to Make Good Confessions over People:

Finally, learn to make Good Confessions and Compliments over people. This is how we are to live in, Society, if we want to live well, with one another.

You, have to able to Compliment Your wife, as well as your children, when they do something right. You shouldn’t always be there to blame them; same way, you’re always, not perfect. Similarly they are always, not perfect.

We should know that, whoever we are older or matured than, will basically make more mistakes than us; and this is why we should be able to let go, to forgive them.

Complimenting people, in a good way, is an encouragement, or ‘a force of life, you put into their lives’ which surges through their being. So, one of the early good things, we must actually do, so that people won’t get offended, or tired with us, is to give them compliment. It will make them like to work with you, more.

It will also make up the people put trust, in you more.

As you Compliment people, the people stick around you. They surely find that, you are grateful, or appreciative, to all the things they’ve done for you. Let them also celebrate with you, the little they’ve done, for you. Never be selfish, or else, they won’t find a need to keep being around, you.

So, a fool is the one, who is always ungrateful, and keeps up discouraging all other people working around him. And so, you need to be smart, in doing that, so you get more people around you, who as well, would like, to work for you. Thus, a Compliment, is like a reward given to a person. So give ‘Thank You’ to people, as a great reward, unto them.

Thus, never let everything only be about, you.

Hence, when we do these in our homes, it will bind our homes together, because the people, whether, our husbands, wives, or child, or even the landlord, or the gatekeeper, as well as the servants, do need, some form of motivation, anytime, they are tired, because doing a lot of work, is very difficult;

Therefore, as a leader, no matter what your position, is, if you want the people, who work for you to keep loving you, and keep being around you, then you must actually learn to compliment them.

So then, when we live in Societies, without saying, or doing these things, then our societies will be failing. So, it’s not the bullying, and the act of insulting, and as well, discouraging others, are what, will be solving the problem.

So then, no matter who we are, we must be humble to say, ‘Please, I’m Sorry, Thank You Very Much, and as well, Complement one another, so that, we won’t look like  beasts.

This is how a Society, will grow become what it should be, and as for a house, it will be the well-spring of life, to an everlasting life. The absence of these qualities, will cause any family, and I repeat, any family or relationship to be destroyed. So, safeguard your families, and bind them with these great virtues, of love.

So then, saying ‘ Thank You,’ to each other shows, how both of you’re appreciative, of each other, in the relationship.

By Saying, ‘Please, ‘ to one another, shows how both of you’re respectful each other, in the relationship.

By saying, ‘I’m sorry,’ shows how, both of you understand that you’re humans,  and are bound to make mistakes; you’re not gods, and must all be humble to each other.

Finally, by Complimenting each other, shows how both of you’re grateful to each others’ little, or major inputs,  in the relationship.

So then, when we also do them in our societies, it will also  help build our societies together.

Thank You

To Him be the Glory

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Prince Akogo.

(Pastor, and Teacher)




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