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3 things to do to make you a Great Parent, in Life; The Lord Reveals.



3 things to do to make you a Great Parent, in Life; The Lord Reveals.                                                                 


As the Economy, has began to be difficult, the Lord, began to show me, some things, that we must do, to liberate ourselves from the pain, that we go through. So then He’d told me to write on these things for us to do, as He gave these posts, to show us, what we must do, to come out of our Economic and financial troubles.

Some are on Great Counsel, from the Lord, to help us, on issues of stress Management, Home Management, on Personal Development, Marriage, Relationship, Your Business Growth, or Development, on Your Health, Being Happy, and others. Please, make sure to subscribe, to receive an update on these revelations, that He’s pouring forth, to help mankind relieve Himself off current human troubles, which borders, on each of the areas, of life.

This post talks about 3 things to do, to Overcome Stress, in the Modern Era, which the Lord has given, as a Word of Counsel.

After this, read the other ones, by clicking on their links below or finding them, anywhere on this site.  

 Point 1

Always talk to your Children, and Never ever abandone them, to choose, anyway, they like to go.

Never allow, your children to walk with bad children; you must, check their relationships, the walk with

Please, remember, God, never abandoned Jesus Christ, even, when He was at the point, of death. You must show, your love, to your children, even up to the point of their death, if they should die before you. Yet, God must, forbid.

They are children from your womb, and so, you must take, of them, and love them, and never ever abandone them.

Point 2

Never Stop Praying, for Your Kids. God sees, the sign of  ‘praying for your children,’ as the Sign of Love.

It will take prayer, to nature your kids, because there are some things, you can’t do for them; in which God, has to take over.  And so, you have to always, bring God’s intervention, in their lives, or else, you’ll get to a place in your life, whereby you will say that, ‘I have done, everything I could, for my child,’ but he or she is not seeming, to be better, or seeming, to recover.

Hence, don’t put trust in your money, as though, that is the only thing, you’ll need, to take care of your child.

There are others, who had more money than you, and they had blown it. They actually, had

Hence, prayer, is good for your child, no matter, your stance. Better still, invest the same prayer life, into you child, so that, so that both of you can move mountains; for what more would be better, for a son, and a father, or a daughter, and a her mother, should pray? The Lord, would hear such prayers, easily, because of, such connections. 

Point 3

And never stop educating your children-no matter what. A ‘Baby Child,’ is meaningless, outside education. In other words, your child means, nothing, if he, or she, doesn’t know, anything, which is going on, in this age, or world.

I will explain.  Do you realize that, when a child is born, the child does not know anything? He’s like an empty vessel. And so, what you see him do is that, he would like to be experimenting things, around, to know, what they mean, or are.

What is he doing?

Thus, what he’s doing, is that, this boy-child, or girl-child, is willing to know, but there is nobody, to show him. I call them, the first ‘explorers, of the World.’ Thus, this is at the time, or age, that, you need to help them.

They need someone to show, and guide them.

So, they find themselves empty, and not knowing anything, and this when you should, help them.

First and foremost, the first way to teach and educate your child, is in the area of ‘Morality.’

Yes, you are to, train up your child, in Righteousness, for him to be able to see the difference between truth and lies, and righteousness or unrighteousness. Yes, you have to be able in your life, to let your children see, these things first, before they can move on early in life; for in this world, there are two things, here:

‘Both what is good, and what is Bad (or Evil).’

Yes-so, if he wants to learn in life, then let him decipher between them. Either, a Man is choosing One, or is, Rejecting, the Other. And so, the only way you early safeguard the child’s life, is to, immediately pass, that form of information to him, quickly, for him to quickly know, the differences between, what is Good, and what is Evil, in life; so that he can, or she can, manage herself wisely, in the society he or she may live, for the rest of his, or her life.

Therefore, many children have gotten themselves, destroyed, for lack of not given, wise counsel, at the early stages, of their lives, when they were searching for the truth, as explorers of the world, at the early, stages.

Yes, let him find, and know the truth out. You need to be a guidance onto him, before anybody else, should do.

Hence, in many cases, if a child fails, it is because, we have failed in life, as leaders, of the lights, which should have shown them, the way, or path of life-as somebody else, also, showed us.

May God bless you, dear, and may God also help you raise your child, in spirit, and in truth, through praying for him, loving him carefully; talking to him, and being a leader of light, unto him.


May you have a blessed day, my friend.


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