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3 great ways to be healthy: The Lord has revealed


3 great ways to be healthy: The Lord has revealed


As the Economy, has began to be difficult, the Lord, began to show me, some things, that we must do, to liberate ourselves from the pain, that we go through. So then He’d told me to write on these things for us to do, as He gave these posts, to show us, what we must do, to come out of our Economic and financial troubles.

Some are Great Counsel, from the Lord, to help us, on issues of stress Management, Home Management, on Personal Development, Marriage, Relationship, Your Business Growth, or Development, on Your Health, Being Happy, and others. Please, make sure to subscribe, to receive an update on these revelations, that He’s pouring forth, to help mankind relieve Himself off current human troubles, which borders, on each of the areas, of life.

This post talks about, 3 great ways to be healthy, which the Lord has given, as a Word of Counsel.

After this, read the other ones, by clicking on their links below or finding them, anywhere on this site.  


Point 1.

We Must, Eat Well; check the food, you, always eat.

To Have Good Health, the Lord, actually told me that, we should check, on we what we eat; that is, on what we put, in our system.

When you should buy any food, you should be able to check on the packages of these foods, to know, what they’re made up, of.

Thus, check to see,

– What sort of thing they are made up of, or what you’re consuming. Yes, is it safe for you to Consumption?

-Is the Product, also, expired?

-Will you, be allergic to that product? Does the Product has Complications; side effects?

-This should also, be the same as the Water, we drink.

So, check on the quality of food, you’re eating. As we said, somewhere, if better, you are to Cook them, by yourself, because, you cannot trust what others are doing things right, except what you yourself, have put into that food.

And this is also the same, as the Cloth we wear. Check the Weather, to also see, whether that kind of cloth you wear, will help in the weather you walk, in.

See more, in point 3.


Point 2

The Lord told me to tell you that, ‘Cover your Nose, when you go out there on the streets, whenever, the poisonous gases, are coming out of the cars, or the vehicles on the streets.

It can create a lot of health problems for us-as well. These gases, go into us, and exchange much of the oxygen levels in us, which means, you can die, slowly out of low oxygen levels.


Point 3

Guard Yourself, from the heat of the Sun

The third point, according to the Lord is that, it is not god for the Sun, to send too much heat into us. Heat, can fetch you, a lot of diseases. For instance, it can make you itch, sweat, and feel very uncomfortable. The heat can as well, cause you to also haves skin rashes, some types of boils, and as well, skin burns.

Also, according to the Lord, due to our sun’s light intensity, make sure you do not destroy your eyes, by looking up, at the sun. Yes, you need to protect your eyes always. So, in all you need to always be under cover from the heat,

  1. By Covering Yourself Properly; so heat, does not burn, your skin. We must not expose too much, of our body parts, which can cause, the sun, to burn them. (that is, through inappropriate dressing).


Also, He had said that, we must wear light reflecting dresses, in the day, such as dresses, which have, light colours; and the light colour dresses, should include yellow, ash, white colours, etc.

(Then also, in the night, when the weather, is much colder, we can wear mostly, dark coloured dresses; clothings include deep brown coloured, dresses; or red, deep purple, black ones, to help us maintain, some of the heat, in our bodies, especially, when the nights are very cold, as well).

  1. By also, wearing Quite loose Garments; so that the heat, does stay, too much, on our bodies, which could make you sweat, and thus, will make you feel uncomfortable.

Yes, we know that, wearing tight dresses will not let air, pass through the pores, of our bodies; which can affect, the cells of your skin.

(Our bodies, need fresh air and fresh water, to make them, survive, healthwise, always! So, check the dresses, which obviously prevents much air, and much water from getting close to your bodies, or to your skin).


So, we can also, prevent ourselves, from the heat of the sun too, by also not wearing too thick fabric dresses; Thus, on a normal day, with the colours of your dresses in consideration, you need to, get for yourself dresses, which are not too thick, nor too thin; it will help you. Basically, the Lord had said that, most of our dresses, must wisely, be moderate, in size (the medium mark), and moderate in thickness, in relation to all, sour sizes.


  1. Lastly, according to the Lord, we can also hide ourselves from the heat of the Sun, so that, when the sun’s intensity calms down, then, we can continue our journey, to wherever we wanted to-GO.


Thank You.

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