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How to save a Lot of Food and other Resources at Home

How to save a Lot of Food and other Resources at Home
‘Learn to Save ‘Left Overs At Home’
When the Lord, had told the Disciple’s to gather, all the left overs, the Number of baskets, of left overs, which they got were 12, in number, indicating the Number, which means ‘The Kingdom of God.’ The Number, 12, in Numerology, stands for ‘The Kingdom.’ It means, in Christ’s Kingdom, or in Christ’s House or the Father’s House, all the left overs, must be gathered. So, now that you have  abundance of food, which you have bought from the market, doesn’t mean that, you should be throwing some of the food away. Just like money, you can ‘save’ them later, and then eat. This would also save you money a long time. It will also ensure that
a. You, don’t cook always
b. You don’t let your food go down, so easily. So, that it keeps long, and it will also last long.
c. Stored food, doesn’t go down, or go down in size, too quickly.  
d. You don’t throw away an important food. (Teach your children so, so they don’t become wasteful. The best form of education, you can give up to a child, is an education on Management. When you have trained, and taught them to learn how to manage things, little, by little, in your house or home, they would help you, as well, save a lot of food, money, and then will clean, and maintain your house,  house, well). Hence, don’t always, behave like, the sort of rich people, who always give things, to their children without, any accountability. Teach, and train them, to manage, with the little that they, have;
Hence, when they grow, they will become, good Managers, and then they would become good heirs, of all your inheritance, when you leave. They will learn to save. They will not bring you trouble, because, they are a people who walk in wisdom. They will learn to manage and also keep their homes well too.
Hence, just as Food, all the other resources, which you use in the house, should be saved, when there are leftovers, of them;for all you know they are going to be of benefit to you, tomorrow, which you may not know about, helping you save a lot of money.
Yes, we are to find a good use, of leftovers, so you don’t keep, throwing things away. We’re to keep them, in the store, so that in the Time we may need them, we may use them; thus, safe-guarding our monies from going out there, more, often.
Know that, one type of waste, can be, a resource, or a ‘raw material for another, sort of work.’ So then, there’s nothing, which is actually a waste. In that event, you may save yourself, a lot food, money, as well as energy in acquiring them, and time.
You need to do these, and be Wise; because, in the Kingdom of God, we save, on the Leftovers.
In these Times, of Financial Hardships, that’s One Thing, you need to do, to save yourself from, (economic, and financial) troubles; and guard, those in the House to do the same-in order for you to save more, on your finance, and other resources.
Prince Akogo
(Pastor, and Teacher)
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