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3 things to do to beautify your House


3 things to do to beautify your House


As the Economy, has began to be difficult, the Lord, began to show me, some things, that we must do, to liberate ourselves from the pain, that we go through. So then He’d told me to write on these things for us to do, as He gave these posts, to show us, what we must do, to come out of our Economic and financial troubles.

Some are Great Counsel, from the Lord, to help us, on issues of stress Management, Home Management, on Personal Development, Marriage, Relationship, Your Business Growth, or Development, on Your Health, Being Happy, and others. Please, make sure to subscribe, to receive an update on these revelations, that He’s pouring forth, to help mankind relieve Himself off current human troubles, which borders, on each of the areas, of life.

This post talks about, 3 things to do to beautify your house, which the Lord has given, as a Word of Counsel.

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Point 1

Change, the Roofing of Your Building.

One , of the things to do to make your House beautiful is changing the roofing , of your building when its old, and as well, rusty, and also leaks. So, change the roofing of your house, and make it beautiful.

Point 2

Paint, the Walls, of Your House.

The other thing, you need to do, according to the Lord, that would make your house, look, so beautiful, is to regularly paint your House. Paint the House colourful, for it to look Beautiful.. Indeed, Painting a House, as well, as Changing its, roofing, can make an old house, look new, and then, beautiful.

Point 3

Then Cleaning the each of the Rooms, and Compounds, of the House.

Then, the other thing, you need, to do, which the Lord, had spoken, about, is to constantly, clean your House, or to clean your House, regularly,  You need to, sweep, the Corridors, of your House, tidy up the rooms; both the Rooms, and the Compounds. So, in doing this, you would have to trim the grass, of the house,, and to make sure, your flowers, are well kept, well arranged, and looking beautiful; and to sweep the compounds, dust the louvers, and keep every dust and dump, or rubbish away, from your House. So, keep the Outside, of your Compound, neat. Let, your Children (your family), help you do that.

So then, changing your roofing, of your building, painting, the entire corners, of the house; and as well, clearing, or cleaning, the entire compound, of your house, both inside, and outside frequently, or always, will ensure that, your house, frequently, looks, beautiful.

Paint, a good ‘picture’ of your house, by doing the good thing; by taking good , care, of your house’ what’s the essence of going out of your House, looking , so ‘neat’ and ‘peaceful,’ when your house, or your rooms, are not in good shape?

Oh yes, sometimes, it is the little little things, we do, that brings us, up, in this life.

Thank You, and share with someone.

Prince AKogo.

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