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The Mystery of Marriage: An Introduction Into The Mystery Of Marriage & How To Get Married Quickly


Excerpt Of Book:

The Introduction-

The Encounter with God-Before I wrote God’s Mystery

Love, and Lots of Life to you:

It started in the year 2006, whiles I was praying. Immediately, I saw with my physical eyes the Holy Spirit in the form of cloud, descending upon me.

When He had descended, He went straight into my spirit, through my forward. Then, immediately I felt, an anointing rushing down from Him into my spirit-He was the same Anointing.

And then immediately, there was a deep cut in my heart (spirit). It was a circumcision of my spirit; and it was a painless cut in my spirit.

The Bible, according to Paul’s letters, explains that this circumcision of God in your spirit or heart, is the seal of God on you. Yes, it shows God’s ownership over you.

And it is also to show God’s Covenant He has made with you, and God’s love He’s made over you. (And the same seal was the Holy Spirit who had passed into my forehead, to get into my spirit, and to sit down at my spirit, as a new home. (These things are real).

Now, when the Holy Spirit had come upon my life, and I had received the deep cut into my spirit, and as well as a cut in my soul, then I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit, say to me:

‘I know the thoughts that I think toward you, thoughts of Peace and not of Evil, to give you hope and an expected end.’ Then He said again to me,

‘I will show you Great and Mighty things you do not know of.’

Now, after that encounter, I ran home very scared, and not knowing what was going on.

That night, when I got home, while pondering over what had happened to me, while pondering over what had happened, I fell asleep. In that sleep, I had something, like a Trance, and was taken to Heaven. I saw a very large auditorium, very glorious. Then I saw God on a giant throne, Jesus standing on His right side.

There were seven golden pillars in front of God, and Jesus signifying, The Seven Spirits of God. There were 24 Elders surrounding the Throne, and innumerable Angels also at the far side, and souls that had departed from earth, too, in white.

Then I saw an angel standing behind me, telling me to go forward to where God is, so I did. Then He told me to kneel down before God. Immediately, I saw God take a huge Golden Book out of Himself, and He handed it over tome.

Immediately I woke up, and asked the Holy Spirit; what was in that book? Then he told me that, the things that are in the book are The Secrets, and the Mysteries of God. Then, he said to me: I will teach you, these things that are in the book.

Now, behold what was in the Book, is what I bring you today-An Introduction into the Mystery of Marriage.

In a few days time too, I was sent by my mother to buy something for her; on my way, a mighty rushing wind blew on me, and hit me, and shook me 7 times. Then I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit again saying to me, at the same time: ‘These are the 7 Spirits of God: The Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Knowledge, Spirit of Counsel, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of Might, Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, Spirit of the Lord.

So these were the beginning of my encounters. Since that day, I’ve seen angels, heaven and God.

The Mystery of Marriage is one of the Mysteries the Father gave me from His Golden Book, but this is just the introduction.

Life Beginning, Started With Marriage; But Why Was It Made To Start With Marriage? The Reason Why It Was Made To Start With Marriage Is Unknown. This is What The Introduction of the Mystery of Marriage, Is All About!








Chapter 1

What is Marriage?-The Mystery of Marriage

This is what the Lord said to me, about the Mystery of Marriage. For the very first time, God is revealing these mysteries into a deeper dimension.

What did He say?

Well, He said that a Family is between

-The Man (one man, who is the husband)

-The Woman (one woman; who is the wife)

God’s concept was that, they must give God children to fill the Earth. ‘‘Be fruitful and Multiply and fill the Earth…(Gen. 1:28).’’ In other words, these children coming to the earth, first belong to God before they belong to their parents. So then, the third reason was that they are to have these children though for themselves, but first these children belong to God as His own or possession.

Now, first if you don’t understand the family this way then you’re doomed. This is why a lot of marriages and families fail because they know not this.

Now, it also means that the man and the woman who are giving birth to the children are first by right through the creation of God first God’s properties, before their children whom they give to God. Once again, if you don’t understand it this way, then it can lead your marriage into failure.

This comes about because He was the one who thought about it (the Marriage), went about to put it into force, and ordained the family system and then went ahead to create the two parties to be involved (that is, being the men and the women), to participate in the business of the family system, hence creating the family system upon the earth.

Now, to prove to you that this is what the Lord is saying, read what He says here:


Has not the One God made you? You BELONG TO HIM IN BODY AND SPIRIT (You belong to Him as His sole property). And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring. So be on your guard…(God seeks Godly children as His property)

 Mal. 2:14-15 NIV


Behold, all the souls are mine; AS THE SOUL OF THE FATHER, so ALSO THE SOUL OF THE SON IS MINE:

Ezek. 18:4 DBT

Thus, while you belong to God the soul of your children, also belong to God.

Moreover, the earth too, together with her rich resources which God has brought them on, (that is, the marriages) also belonged to the same God, who gave the right for marriage.

So then He says (in another place:

For “the earth is the LORD’s, And Its Fullness Thereof.

The World and they that dwell therein

Psalm 21:1 NIV

So, did you see what He said over here?

In the above scriptures, we see that God counts all the things (everybody else) as His, just as well as the earth too we stand on. Thus, our marriage (our marriages) too on the earth, which perhaps we may not know also belongs to God, who gives the license of marriage on Earth.

So we are His legitimate properties He owns for His ‘Selfish’ Assignments.’

Meaning that, whatever we do on earth both in our marriages and in our families and on the earth we live on, are actually of great concern to God, the Father of us all.

What do we mean?

We mean that (the Lord is saying), that though God had told man (Adam) to till the ground, He (God) still did not lose total ownership of the land or the earth to Adam and Eve, or to man.

He actually told Adam to ‘keep it,’ which is a word which means ‘Manage It For Me.’

Hence, there was a third command which had followed, in which had voiced out!

God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and REPLENISH THE EARTH, and subdue it

Gen. 1:28 KJB

To replenish as an assignment to God, meant that they were to restock, restore, renew, fill up, make up, and revive EARTH, and then rebuild earth, after they’ve used it, or consumed it. It meant that God Was Expecting A Better Results From Them.

(This wasn’t sounding like air pollution, water pollution, land pollution or degradation, and noise pollution which is all what we see today).

So God told these marital couples to manage the earth, or to replenish the earth unto Him.

Hence, they started managing the earth too for the Lord, not for themselves, in which God had also assured them that they’ll benefit from it as faithful stewards. So He said:


‘‘Then God said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant THROUGHOUT the earth and all the fruit trees for YOUR food.’’

Gen. 1:29 NLT

First, by saying that the earth is the Lord’s or for Him, and then He saying that you should manage it or keep it means He’s calling You and I to manage it for Him by nothing, but actually through these two-through BOTH OF THESE-THE MARITAL AND THE FAMILY SYSTEM.

In other words, marriages are to manage the property of God for Him on the earth.

So, this is what Adam and Eve were called to do or being called to live for.

Again, instructions were given to them on how they were actually to manage the earth.  So His term, ‘Keep It’ means, ‘You are to Manage it.’ So it does not have anything to do with, you should put it into your pocket and have it for free. God was wiser! He knew He’ll be expecting accountability from them.

So then, should God have said ‘The Earth is the Lord’s…’ and ‘And the Soul mine’ if indeed they all belonged to us (just you and I)?

So it means that He was telling them to dress it, but which as His stewards, or labourers they would also benefit from it too which God had confirmed by saying that He would give some of them as food for free or they should use some of them. Look at that from here:

In other words, after God had created the Earth, He needed someone (good people) to ‘care’ for it. So He created us men to manage it or do all that for Him.

That means that, no matter who you think you are you cannot come to the earth and to do whatever you think you like. (That is why God also said that He would be judging us on the earth, according to each one’s work,  the earth He created and boasted it was His.

That is why I told you that, it is very important for us to know this, but if we fail to understand then we have failed in our lives, and failed in too in the purpose of our families and in the purposes of our marriages.

Hence, God knowing that Adam alone could not manage all the work alone, He called forth a woman from his loins or from the rib of the man to come out as a suitable helper, to be a helpmeet or to be his helper, in this important work of managing the earth for the Lord, to whom the earth belongs.

Yes, actually, the Earth was that Big, and too Big for Adam alone to till, replenish, maintain, manage, or to support it, according to God’s standards, or ordinances. In this, did God think of giving Adam, a kind of suitable assistance he needs, for important work of replenishment.

So then, the commandment or assignment was given to the man, but God realizing that the man could not do the assignment all alone called forth the woman to be his helpmeet on this Earth, which we know belongs to God.

And the Lord God said, “…I will make him a HELPER FIT FOR HIM..”

Gen 2:18 ESV

So here is where the people miss it.

A lot of people talk of Adam and Eve coming together, but they forget that God had actually given them an assignment (actually an Important one) to do, before their coming together. (Ah, this is what we’ve missed it all Today!)

This is where the whole ‘place,’ misses the point of marriage. So they thought they had been put together to live just for themselves, just sleeping with each other, till death do you or them apart?

That’s stupid!

See, it is stated right there in Genesis that there was an Assignment, and that is why God created Adam to first manage God’s Earth, which is this Earth but when God had realized that Adam alone could not do all alone, He called forth the Woman Eve out of him to help him manage that Big Big Chunk of work, unto God.

Hence, that was what Adam came out as a human for, and that was what Eve came out as a human for.

Thus in marriage, the two of them must be toward something, and its an Assignment to be drawn by God, but it’s not a human assignment. Meaning that, the coming together of the two must be toward something profitable, and that’s what God is mostly looking out for, or concerned about first and foremost, as we saw God was looking out for, and was expecting that from them. So, this must be well found out, first and foremost before the marriage, should be commenced.

What do we do today? We put ourselves there in the marriage, before the Assignment (being the God-given Assignment); and most of us who’re ready to marry, or are already married don’t even know, that there was an Assignment for the marriage which God had called forth for both of them.

So then, the creation of man and the coming together of the two (the company), which the Lord had orchestrated was based on an assignment they had to fulfill (do), which was directly toward God the owner of the earth, and the owner and orchestrator of the marriage or marital system as well This was the reason why they were called into marriage, that is, to manage portions of the Earth for Economic Development. (Later, you’ll understand how the marital and family systems were connected to world economic development, according to God’s ‘developing and replenishing’ plans and purposes), as He had spoken to the. (It was just mind-blowing, when the Lord had revealed it unto me, which is in a second book I wrote, called The Role And Purpose of The Family: The Mystery of The Family).

According to the Lord, we can therefore clearly see that the God given assignment was the bases by which Marriage was brought, or established by the Lord to them, through which comes the Family system, and through which your children also come who are also legitimately direct properties of God, in which God will use in the future to fulfill many parts, or other parts of His important assignments too upon the earth.

For this reason we were told;

Behold, ALL THE SOULS (You and I) are mine; AS THE SOUL OF THE FATHER so also, the soul, of the SON is mine:

Ezek. 18:4 DBT

Has not the One God made you? You BELONG TO HIM… And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring. So be on your guard…(God seeks Godly children as His property)

 Mal. 2:14-15 NIV

Hence, know or understand that, it was The God-given Assignment (The Main Assignment) which made marriage legitimate, and which brought about what we faithfully call,

Marriage (not the other way round)

And the Family systems (not the other way round)

As well as, child birth/children (and not the other way round)

And also, our individual creations, by God (The reason why we’ve been put here, and what we have actually been made here for, or to do unto God; which is, to come here, and to serve the Lord)-and so, we’ve all been brought here, to serve the Lord; and to fulfill, an assignment for the Lord; the creator of our lives, upon this Earth. (This is why, we Men and Women are all here for).

Know and understand that, it was God who needed somebody to manage the earth for Him, an earth which has so many resources or things on it and so He’d wanted us to manage it for Him; so He called us men to do it for him. Hence not for ourselves, but duly unto Him.

Yet, interestingly, that way was through a form or institution called marriage and also, the family system.

Now, later we will find out why marriage and the family systems, was these effective management systems God intelligently thought to use, in the earth’s resources-in what way He was actually going to use it per what the Spirit of God had explained to me.

And so because we have an Assignment here, to do for God through the Marriage, and the Family systems, this is why He said that surely, He shall be judging all of us individually which is according to the nature of our works here on Earth, which is based upon the Assignments.

We should know that God is giving us this understanding for a worldwide acknowledgment, in order to bring humanity back to our course for which He’d created them; for as it stands a lot of people don’t know. They don’t know their purposes, and have walked away.

Personally, I did not know this too, but when the Holy Spirit explained it to me, I seriously marveled at the great wealth of understanding He gave me.

You can read on till you understand.

So it was by the Assignment upon the Earth (this Earth), that marriages became legitimized or became thus important to God, to create ‘our’ earth, or else marriages (or we), and as well the earth, would not have been created, or are of no use to God.

Therefore, you must understand that the marriage you’re in is not about you, nor is for your self-glorification, nor is it all about your interests. Hence, the relevance of what we build on earth is not in how big or how nice it may look, but whether it’s in the fulfillment of God’s Assignment, for our life, as God had told or communicated to Adam, and his wife Eve.

To be frank, I used to think this way too, until the Holy Spirit changed my thoughts, redefining ‘marriage’ and the original purpose of marriage to me after He had come.

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