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A Business Plan: How to Get An Upper Hand In All Business & Job Circles


Get An Upper Hand In The Job Circles

In recent days, employees do not just employ people based on their skills, or the academic qualifications they have. Now, this is the thing the Lord said to me; if you want to attract all employees (almost all of them) as a top-notch applicant, in any particular field or sector, then create ‘something’ or a product with the academic skills you’ve gained, which will be important to that industry.

Now, if you’ve been able to do that, you’ll realize that, all employees will begin to envy you. Certainly, they will want you in their space (job), with what you’ve created.

So, do not just write an application for employment. Employers are now fed-up with that. So to have an upper hand, create an important product from the skills you have, from your academic qualifications.

You can present such ‘creative products’ you have, during the job interviews, or state that which you have created in your writings, or in your Curriculum Vitae. When you do that, you’ll become a top-notch applicant in that field of endeavor. Indeed, they will come seeking after you. All employees, are seeking for a people, who’re importantly solving a problem, not those who want a job.

Hence, according to Him, the easiest way, and the most fastest way to find a job, is to ‘create’ a product, because you’re giving a step-forward, than the norm-the usual thing people do.

Moreso, this can as well land you a ‘Great Business Contract’ from a Great Investor, and that can eventually make you, a great boss of your own products.

Are you seeking for a job? Do you want employers to be begging for you and not you begging for a job vacancy? Create a product! Identify a problem in your top-notch industry, and create a product to solve the need.

You’ll get all the money you want in this life.

And similarly, do you want the Investment Banks or Premier Banks, and as well, the Investors, to be begging you to give you a loan you, or to donate you their hard-earned monies, then create a product of ENVY (a product of solution), and they’ll come to you.

It doesn’t have to be small.

It doesn’t have to be big, nor expensive.

It just have to be right.

Very soon, you ‘ll soon be moving from the position of an ‘employee,’ to also become ‘an employer’ giving jobs to people, in your own expertise.

Yeah, so then, what are you waiting for?

Create a Product! Solve a problem: show it to that world or to that industry. I Bet You. Radio Stations and Media men will also come after you. You’ll Chance on Any Kind of Job You Want. No matter how difficult or hard the Economy is, if you should create a product of envy, a solution indeed, you’ll chance on any job. (Believe me, that there are even some employers, who will old, mediocre, or less effective employees to give you their place.

You’ll could even receive a fast promotion, in that field or job, than workers, who were already there). Stop sitting down there looking for employment, and doing nothing!

So, what can you create-hey, talented man?

Yeah, it shouldn’t be that big. It could just be Just Be Innovative New Ideas, which they’ve not found.

Be An Important Man; And Be a hotcake, Job Seeker!

Prince Akogo

Thank You, and God bless You.

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#Words, from the Holy Spirit.

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