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Money, Business and Wealth Post: Go And Search For Another Job


Money, Business and Wealth Post: Go And Search For Another Job  

If you’ve not searched for a job yet, then the command of the Lord is, ‘Go Now, And Search For a Job.’ Do it Again, if you have done that before.

Yeah, are you now tired of getting a job? Ask God for a job; and whatever job God should give you, just do it!

Many times, we had like to ask God for just a specific kind of job or business, which is not what He’d like you to do. And trust me, once it’s not in God’s will, He doesn’t want to answer, such a prayer, because answering such a prayer, would bring disaster.

And so, ask God in PRAER, for His will; and whatever God gives you, do it, and do it whole-heartedly. (It would be better to do God’s good will, than not do any job at all).

So, don’t ask Him for the kind of job or business, He would love you to do.

Just go to Him first of all, with forgiveness of sins, to avoid any spiritual or physical hindrances. Then after that, ask God for the job HE WOULD WANT YOU TO DO (So the Holy Spirit told me). ATLEAST, THAT’LL BE IN HIS OWN WILL; and so it’ll be easy, and faster for Him to now answer. In that case, you wouldn’t pray amiss; because it’s His will, and not your will.

After that, what you can also do is, while in prayer, apply for any kind of job, in circles you want to. Sometimes, the one which comes up at the first, is perhaps His answer and what He wants you to know, and wants you to do.

Sometimes, that’s where He wants to get you for the period of time.

Sometimes, the place God wants to get us, that’s where we tell Him, ‘I don’t want that kind of Business.’

So then watch, and pray; if you’re able to lay up a fleece, in His Own Will, He can answer, just as He seriously answered the fleece of Gideon.

Yes, this is how sometimes we pray for a job, not giving the options, but giving God the Choice to make the Perfect Options. And even in Grace, there must be Guidance, not Misguidance.

He knows why He would give you that other kind of job, for certain best reasons, known to Him.

Sometimes, that business is what He would want you do to do, for that particular point in time which may impact on a certain different assignment, you’re supposed to do in future, which will save you time, money, other major resources. Peace, and know that God loves you.

He’s The Loving And Peaceful Father; The Comforter.

So hear me, at times, or many times, this is the reason why God wouldn’t answer our prayers, if we put our misguided interests, even within the time of grace.

He just loves us, but it’s we, who don’t understand.

Lean all things on Him Today, and He shall direct your Paths.

Thank You, and God bless You.

Prince Akogo

Money Making, Business & Wealth Making

#Words, from the Holy Spirit.

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