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Business, Money Making & Wealth Post: Be Out there to meet the People


Business, Money Making & Wealth Post: Be Out there to meet the People

Indeed, the Picture Above Shows It All.

The Lord told me that, the right marketing to do, is for you to go out there to the people, and then to do business with them. It’s not right for the people to come to you, and do business with you always.

In a way to serve them, you’d have to go to where they are; yes, to their various offices and homes, and give the product, or market it to them. Of course, you can have your office station at one place, in town, before going to them. Yes, it’s true, the right thing to do, is to go to them. There, you’ll be able to meet a lot of customers (people), right there in their homes-at where they live and where they work. Yet, if you’re waiting for them to come to you at your office location, they may not be able to come or get to you, looking at the competitions, that exist along the way.

Yeah, because of this, many businesses have wasted a lot of money.

And so the Lord said to me that, this was why when He called His Apostles, He told them to use the right marketing tools as well, by going out there to them, to the people.

Physical Contact and Physical Meeting, plays a lot in Marketing.

Evangelism, is indeed great marketing. It’s the marketing of God. It’s the way of sending the free gospel to the people, right at their homes. Even so, when the Father too, had sent up Jesus, the Father also made Him to go to the people, to every place, preaching the gospel (which was their product), right there to the people. And so it was noted, that ‘‘how God anointed Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost and with Power, who went about doing good…..’’

He knew He had the good fruits (the gospel), but He wouldn’t wait for the people to come to Him, for the message, to be taught and healed. So, though knowing He was greater, He rather wen, to serve the people.

As a result of that He met many people, and at that time, gathered about 5000 people; and 4000 at another time. (How many companies have done that?)

He wouldn’t have met all these people, if He had been sitting under His tree (Jesus’ office) in Nazareth; but He went out there, to send them the gospel.

And so what He Himself taught, He Himself practiced, and won many followers (clients and customers). This is the right marketing. And this is the Best Gospel Marketing Tip.

It wasn’t poverty; it best marketing strategy!

It wasn’t that there was not money, or boat, but that was because, it was the best marketing tip He had.

Yes, they did the same, and it was said of the Apostles that they turned the World upside down; and today by this one-on-one marketing experience, the gospel has reached the ends of the world.

They went to each home, and gave a taste of the gospel product to the people for them to see, and there, the people were broken up, and finally believed.

I don’t mean to say, you should not have an office; but you should try and get your marketers, and sales persons going out there, because sometimes, the only way to meet your target is to walk on foot. They are there, but that’s the only way, you can find them.

Thank you.

Best Marketing Tips.

Prince Akogo

Money Making, Business & Wealth Making

#Words, from the Holy Spirit.

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