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Capitalize on Government’s National Registration I.D Cards


Capitalize on Government’s National Registration I.d Cards

Capitalize upon the Government, or National I.D(s), which gives you the PASS, or ACCESSIBILITY to enjoy benefits, as a CITIZEN your country. So if you haven’t done your Voting Cards, Health Insurance Cards, Passports, Driver’s License, and so on, do them, and keep them well,  to give you the right to enjoy some passes, rights or benefits. Without such cards, you cannot enjoy benefits, such as

  1. Free or Subsidized Health Insurance Cover
  2. A Free Education cover
  3. Free Water
  4. Free Social Amenities
  5. Government Jobs /Job Employment Opportunities
  6. To get certain important privileged positions
  7. And Free/Subsidized Transports.

And of course, there are many more, which the government shall bring. (You’re a tax-payer, and must enjoy such benefits.

Yes, you’re a citizen of that country, and you must enjoy the benefits thereof, as and when they’re brought, or made to come. By so doing, you’ll save yourself a lot of money, time, and your personal resources!

Some have done them, and have gotten a lot of benefits from it.

Therefore, remember to get them, so that, you can enjoy such important benefits. Yes, get an I.D to get a Discount, or a PASS. Thus, your I.D to some extent is, exactly like money. You should know that, it was God who still brought these privileges, since He moves up people, to set the governments.

So, get and I.D to get a PASS, or a Discount, and save to yourself, a lot of money.

Thank You, and God bless You.

Prince Akogo

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#Words, from the Holy Spirit.

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