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Cook and Eat, But Cook Not Frequently


Cook and Eat, But Cook Not Frequently

The Lord said to me that, it’s advisable to cook, but it’s not good to cook always, at home. According to the Lord, if you’re cooking, cook so that your food can last about 3 days (let’s say, your stew or soup); so that you can save your money and resources.

Well, how do you save money, or resources because of that?

Cooking every time (everyday)

  1. Causes you to spend so much money
  2. Therefore, it makes you spend a lot of resources (in terms of ingredients, products, or produce used). The other reason is that, if you cook always, you’ll be wasting more LPG gas, or more electric current, that is, if you’re using an electric stove. Using these fuels, are very costly. Hence, by using the same 30 minutes to make a small food, why cook, by using the same 30 minutes, or a bit longer, to cook a bit more, to last you for 3 days?

This is economically. This will help you save more resources, and money, at the long run. It’ll help you cut down your expenditure. Just heat, or warm them up, anytime you’d want to eat, and then you’re good to go!

It’s good to save.

Thank You, and God bless You.

Prince Akogo

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#Words, from the Holy Spirit.

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