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Money Making, Business & Wealth Making Tip: Marketing or Sales Tips


Marketing or Sales Tips

The Lord also adviced, that if you’re a new entrepreneur, and you just started your business, and wishing for more customers to show up, and come to your side, this is one one of the ‘good’ strategies you can employ.

He adviced, that for the first three (3) times, when each of your customers come to you (to buy from you), you should give them more than they had expected, deserved, or paid for!

(For instance, if it’s food, you can scoop for them more than what they’d paid for, or bought). This will make them come to your side more; that is, if they should all notice, they can get a little more from you, than what is on the markets. (This can help your business grow; and help you penetrate into the markets faster).

In that case, you’ll not first have much profit, but will first have many customers, trooping in to your side to buy, from you. Most customers, are drawn by ‘much free,’ or a little bit more, or by much‘abundance.’

It’s a good marketing tip.

So just do it, for the first 3 times.

Thank You, and God bless You.

Prince Akogo

Money Making, Business & Wealth Making

#Words, from the Holy Spirit.

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