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Business, Money Making & Wealth Tips: Teach your Children Today, To Manage Resources.


Business, Money Making & Wealth Tips: Teach your Children Today, To Manage Resources.

The Lord said that, at home to save money and importantly, to save your resources, it’s also important to teach and train your children too in how they can manage their RESOURCES, including MONEY, as well as every resource they see at home. Sometimes, though you may not be the one mismanaging the money, those around you may be the ones mismanaging the money, or the valuable resources around you.

So these children how to manage resources and money, both when they’re inside or outside the house.

In actual fact, they’re the next generation and they must be able to start learning how to manage resources too, in life. Seriously, It’ll be bad to leave your children out of managing the home, since often the ones, who end up mismanaging a lot of resources at home, since they have a vague mind, and don’t often understand the importance of managing these resources. They do not have the idea of how much energy, sacrifices, and money you’d invested to be obtain those resources. Therefore, due to their simple, and ‘vague’ minds, they often don’t understand many things.

As you teach them, you’re helping them to be economical to manage home items. Teach them how to ‘practically’ manage these items, at an early age.

Let them know how to save and manage the very little resources they have in in their hands, and also, why they need to do so. (They must not be left outside Education).

The truth of the matter is, these children want to know, or learn from you’ but interestingly you don’t know, that they want to know. ‘This is why we often find them asking questions.’  

Since money and resources, are hard to come by, we must be taught, how we handle them, and these little ones who live with you, must also be taught as well.

This is all the education THEY WANT US to give them in life, SO THAT THEY CAN ALSO LEARN HOW TO MANAGE, AND HAVE A VERY BEAUTIFUL LIFE AND A FUTURE. So, if you children can read, you can let them come up to this site and read, so that, they may start early in knowing how start, in managing resources, so they can grow to know how to both

  1. Manage Resources
  2. And Manage Wealth

The earlier you give them such an education, the better they’ll grow to become wise. You’ll also save Your House. This information is free here, to access. Yeah, this is the legacy you can leave with them, than to play video games which teaches them to kill and insult. That’s not a Good Legacy For Children.

This will help children, give lesser problems in life.

You’ll be known in the City Centers, and in the Forecourts, because of the Wisdom of Your Child, as Jesus was.

Wisdom, indeed, is justified by her children.

As they make them a way of their lives, they’ll gradually become prudent. The Way of Wisdom is real, and more practical, than being theoretical subjects.

Therefore, you must ‘train the child (as well) in the way he should go and when he grows, he’ll not depart from it.’ (niv. Prov 22:6).

By teaching them, they’ll not waste time to become successful in life.  

It’s important to give them a Good Legacy. These points I’m sharing with you, were also given to me by the Lord, to share and break with you, which should also help our children, who’re also GOD’S PROPERTIES ON EARTH.

Children were called to also support the house, if they should know the right things, they’re also supposed, to know now. They can learn these tips, to support the house, than to help break the house down, by their ‘vague’ minds.

Teach your children.


Thank You.

Prince Akogo

Money Making, Business & Wealth Making

#Words, from the Holy Spirit.

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