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The Mystery of The Family: The Role & Purpose of Families




It was a time of joy, to receive The Mystery of the Family  from the Lord, which was to help us know the ‘role’ and ‘purpose,’ of families.


What Then Is A Family? The Mystery Of The Family

It is important too, that the ‘purpose’ of a family, must also be understood by us if that was Marriage as we’d explained in the Mystery-that the purpose was for an Assignment. (If you haven’t read it, then I suppose you get ‘The Mystery of Marriage’ book).

I was shocked at what the Lord said about the ‘Family’ to me. He did this, so that we will understand the need why we’re to raise a family, which is exactly after we’re brought into marriage as a husband, and a wife.

Now, according to the Lord, the family is the ‘Business Company’ of God; But In this Business Company,

  1. The Father has been called by God, as the Head Manager of the house (which is his company).
  2. B) The woman is the Assistant Manager (hence, the reason why God called her a help-meet). (This is why God hates ‘basketball housewives,’ who do nothing, to support their husbands in the course of the work God has called them to do, or has given to both of them).
  3. Their children according to the Lord, will become, or are their direct servants, or employees.

The Lord told me, that the Family System, was a ‘business plan,’ or ‘company’ of God. It was a plan He was trying to use (as a system of management) to manage all parts of the earth; and the children which come from the families grow up to also manage parts of the Lord’s Earth-all in the will of the Lord. This means that, all parts of the earth would have been managed by selected family members, which God will choose.

In other words, all parts of the earth would be managed by many unit families, in which each of the families, are fully established companies upon the earth.

But all these unit families will only come up by the will of God, and children being paired up by God through the system of marriage, to form the specific family companies.

So each of the families, which are to be God’s unit businesses companies on earth will in this case, have their men as the head managers of the assignments of God, and their women, becoming their head assistants; with their children becoming their direct employees for their businesses, being their God-given Assignments, upon earth.

So then, one will not use (members) of another man’s house hold or family, to serve at home, as assistants or employees in this entire company which God has given him. He would rather produce his own soul-like employees, as himself, by giving birth to them.

God made it possible, so that the man could produce a rib from his own self, (who would become his direct assistant, as wife), and his own ‘ready-made’ employees, to serve as children, for the share of work, or for the Assignment he had been given by God to do-as was in the case of the man Adam.

Therefore, he would not have to get a ‘foreign assistant,’ for his assignments, or ‘children’ as employees from anybody else, or from anybody’s family ‘company,’ to do the work God had called him to do.

Marriage, was Beautiful; The Family too was beautiful!

Moreover, in what He meant to Adam by subduing and dominating the Earth, it was meant that, as these labourers, which are called (fathers, mothers and, servants (children) are doing the work), they will, in their capacity, fill and dominate the Earth.

And also, by their population numbers, they will rule, govern, of course dominate and subdue the earth for God’s sake, that is, for God’s kingdom to progress, and be empowered upon the Earth.

In other words, through marriage and the family systems, the Lord would have many full-fledged companies (as the families) to do the work He’d already predestined to be done upon earth, all for His sake.


And they would be, his labourers, or servants everywhere, to work everywhere He should choose. So, we will be His ‘Workmanship, created in Christ Jesus…’ for this Good Works, which God had FORE-ORDAINED that we should have done unto Him.’

This means, that in your assignment as a man called by God, you don’t need to use any body, who is ‘a foreign material outside your family, to serve as your employee, or your co-assistant in your called family businesses.’

God through it, provided you with all these- your assistant (your rib, out of yourself, to come out, to be your assistant, being your wife), and your employees for the job (who too, are to be out of yourself (being your, seed), as your children.

As every Business Company has an Assignment to do, so the family had an Assignment to do.

The family is the make-up body, for the Assignment.

The family, is the rich investment of God to you; to every individual. It should never be disintegrated. The family, is the primary investment of God. It’s great; love it, and cherish it. It’s rich, and at all the times, should be in fruition. So, ‘bind’ your house together. (That was why you were Called A Husband).

Thus a family, to God, was a fully fledged Business Company. (Thus, every man was made or equipped, to produce his own Company which needs an assistant, and employees, out of his own rib, and seed, respectively, without needing the help of another man. That man too, must produce his own ‘fully fledged’ company for his own works which God would call him into).

(This is why, we should marry a woman who has God’s intelligence to work for you in God’s assignment, not just a woman whom you take, and who doesn’t have the labourful ‘sense’, but just have a kind of body-nature, or feature).

Moreover, in this case, inheritance (the business and the assignment), would be passed on in future to members of your own ‘loins,’ which are your ‘wife’ (The Assistant) and your children (The Employees) respectively-This will in fact be a form of great financial investment.

(So, families were fully set-up business companies ready for God’s assignments).

Thus, the business you do, will become a ‘family business,’ throughout all your generations, and your inheritance, should be passed down to your children’s children.

Thus, in similar manner, in the future they shall also be ‘paid or rewarded’ by God according to their works on earth or their deeds, which they too would bring as works for their God to account for.


Modern definition of the ‘family’ and Satanic Ways to Destroy This Intelligent Business Strategy of God

Meanwhile, the Lord said to me that, the current system which the devil brought was to destroy the simple business fabric of the family in which He’d established the family as plan of His business companies to fill up the earth, through marriages, by which comes reproduction as a result of their sexual organs.

(Hence, that was first the reason why He had given the sexual organs-telling man (Adam) to increase, and to multiply).

Thus, the multiplication, will bring more labourers.

But well today, what is the business strategy?

That a man should have a business, and let another man or woman become his co-assistant?

Yet, His wife may be sitting at home, perhaps doing nothing.

And then while his children, who’re to be the ‘ready-made’ employees should as well help them do the work according to God’s strategic plans,’ his children may be there doing nothing, or perhaps partying, while other people’s children are vying for seats, or for the positions in his companies or businesses.

Seriously, that’s stupid: because the family was set-up as a fully fledged company, and that was not the ‘path’ of ‘how’ the families and marriages should work.

(Also, there’re some, who don’t even let their wives and children, know what they own, or are doing in town. So when they die, other people’s children (husbands or wives), secretly take-hold of what they’re secretly earning in town, leaving their children and wives with all nothing, and they begin to serve as beggars or hawkers on the streets).

It means, we did not really understand God’s concept of the Family, or the Marriage Systems. This is why need to have a good understanding about it.

And so today, what have we also seen? That, while others are doing the work for you, your children are walking about doing nothing, or looking for employment elsewhere. Also, we’ve gone to employ other people rather into our offices. (This disintegrates the corporate work of the family, which is an assignment, which is as a unit, joined together to work as a company).

Moreover, if you should put a great calculation of all that these people, or strangers outside the family are taking from you, the sum of all that these employed ‘foreigners’ are  taking from you, in total are much more than what you the business owner earns. Well, that is what happens, when many other people begin to via for positions in your company.

Hence, to God, the family was a proper investment system.

So, the latter does not provide you ‘much savings,’ as far as God’s business plans (intelligence) are concerned. So the Lord had made The Family, a profitable ‘personal’ business company in which most of the returns, should stay in the house with members of your own house (loins); and should be further passed on as an inheritance to members of your own house, or loins-because the direct employees will be from your rib, (whom you live with), and then sperm (your children whom you had given birth to) respectively, since they’re in there with you.

In that way, the same members within your house will also be the servants and bosses within your business.  And even if you’re not there, they would have been already built, and experienced to do the work-because you had built your home as a fully fledged company, in your called Assignments.

That will be their legacies, or inheritance.

So, do we see the wisdom of God, in raising up a company, called The Family, in which all the members are from your very own loins?

So, do you see the importance of ‘why your children too must come out as employees from your own rib; and why your ‘wife’ too must come from your own loins, to be to you as a suitable helper-as was in the case of Adam and Eve, with their children?

So, in those days, the family system was a beautiful thing-It was a Great Company Working Freely Together, of course!

However, today, many marriages and families are suffering both directly and indirectly also because the members of the homes have scattered, going about to work in other people’s plantations, thus, within other people’s companies even right after their marriages; and so, have become smaller, or weaker, in the ‘view’ God had wanted them to be.

Moreover, to them who’re employing others, some men, who were in their Assignments, had co-opened a company with others (rather with a brother or a friend), who had eventually taken the business company, and assets from them.

Moreover, you could as well be working with people, and they may be earning more than you.

Of course, these share-holders, would be thinking about their homes and families more than you, and not more about you, and your estates.

A lot of these news, have flooded the waves, in which people have lost their businesses which they’d brought, from their God-given Assignments, or have been entirely duped by ‘foreign’ materials’ who were outside their direct LOINS; and these people, had gone to enjoy these benefits, with their house, or family or companies.

Hence, what they had happily envisioned, encountered, discovered, or had created for their homes, had been taken from them, leaving their homes in shambles! So, day-in and day-out, people’s ideas, which God had blessed them with, to their families, are being stolen, and leaving they and their household, to perish.

Also, there are other times were you could better direct your children than other people’s children, who could secretly not have a full respect for you, or be doing the business as you expect them to do. Thus, this can retard growth, of your business.

Hence, this is why the family was called as an individual business unit, and you should have to train your children and should, or must let your wife know much about the business, to assist you in all the resources God gives to both of you as His inheritance. As a company of God, you should let your wife and children, have much leading role, hand, backings and supports in all the works you do, or in the blessings God has given you, before you should go out there and bring people, as supports or as your servants, in your family company or business.

This was why God saw the Family, as a tightly business venture, in which the people, are so tightly knit together.

Hence, to God, to prevent some of these unnecessarily troubles, created the family, as a better business formality. It provides a better form of security, when the people are right from your loins or your rib!

Surely, we can’t be throwing our blessings out there. We should rather be circulating the blessings within the house.

Indeed, to God, true business, is not particularly being formal. It is not about wearing a coat and tie, driving to work, and leaving everybody at home. It’s not a family. Business is the company God has brought you into, by giving you ‘A WIFE ‘and ‘YOUR CHILDREN.’

What you and your wife and your children wear at a point, doesn’t really matter when you all are putting your hands into this assignment of God together, and making it work  for yourselves. It’s God who raise a family, not man.

Understand that, the family is a Company; and so, every family should mind their own business and should mind their own smaller unit company.

That’s what God created a family to be.

Indeed, the whole thing has become like we know better, and so we had decided to change the plan or the order, for which God had created marriages, and as well as families, as fully fledged companies to manage, to produce, and develop their state and estates, in every path of their ways unto God; and so we’ve finally found ways to disintegrate our family systems, which was a blessing to us, with sometimes, issues of our beautiful wives and children being paid less and sometimes being molested, and hardly maltreated by members of other people’s families elsewhere.

Indeed, each family SHOULD BE UNDER HIS OWN PLANTATION, capitalizing on members of their families, to work.

We’ve been ignorant of the devil’s secret devices, who’ve presented us this modern form of system.

With this in view, it is also better to teach and train your children in the things you do, to build a future with them.

It would be better to join hands with your wife and to build a whole future for yourselves in your own business ‘house,’ or ‘ home,’ as the Lord had purposed you, that you should do with your assistant, which He relatively made, a weaker vessel.

You must also teach and train your children, in the purpose of His will, and also in your assignments-so that, you can finish the Lord’s works well, which is the Plantation He’s given you on the surface of Earth.

Actually, God didn’t really create or made it so, that somebody, should also teach and train your children for you (for the house). Such training, often starts through strong parenting, in which you build your children into the reasonable assignments while you’ll also assist them to develop theirs too, in support of their future homes or assignments.

Well, do you even know the sort of spirit, or mind the person carries? Will he even teach and train them in the purpose of your Assignments in order to support the work of your choice, as well as the work your wife, or the assistant does?

Hence, a father is a Teacher, and a Mother, is a Teacher, in the supporting course.

(How sad, that we carry our babies (children), as early as 6 months old to a school, to be taught and fed by someone else’s food, and soul?).

So then, Lecture or teach or train children, in the things you do. Yes, do this, and work with the wife of your youth. This is why she’s called, A Suitable Helper. (I explained the meaning of ‘Suitable Helper’ in the first book).

Indeed, much of the skills could be learnt while on the job. You should not at any point in time let anybody have first priority in your business; or know much insight about your businesses.

Let them, that is, (your wife and children) be on the field to see the work you do, and also do the work that you do; because they were called with you as the Lord’s trusted stewards or employees. This is part of the work you do with them as a leader.  So, let us organize our homes well for the right and perfect blessings!

Why should we pray, that they should come out of school to look for jobs at someone else’s business company, meanwhile your family is a fully-set business company on its own, which your God has given to you? These kinds of problems have increased the stress of the human economic and social life unnecessarily today, with the pending pressure on the governments!

Oh, have we not been given talents? Should we not all be using our gifts and talents which God too has endowed each of us just like them to be doing or creating our own businesses or jobs? So, why shouldn’t it be yours?

Yes, we know Adam did not do that. He taught and trained up his own children. So, prior to God’s plan he had furnished a work for them work to do.

So therefore, in this modern world when the original purposes of

  1. Marriage
  2. And a Family

are changed, there’s no way a family nor a marriage will survive; or even if they should survive  they’ll only be struggling and will not be enjoying the full fruits of it, since the systems have been set wrongly. This will as well totally affect the economy, which is primary made up by many ‘jobs’ and businesses. (There will be poverty, and unemployment cases all over the places when many families are becoming unproductive).

What will happen at end? Many families will also disintegrate and may not last. There will be issues, terrible ones.

When the family being the main or core developer of the economy, loses its role there will not be a proper development in the economy -hence the primary reason why we have so much social issues and economic issues, on our hands worldwide, meanwhile, the governments today, are not able to do much about it.

‘There’s a lot the governments cannot do without the ‘primary’ development of the unit families.

So then, this would affect the country’s national economy in both the long and the short run, because God had thought of Families equipped with all the resources to better handle economic resources of the entire economy (land), for which reason God set-up the family units, as fully-set business units or companies on each of their own, to grow, improve and to develop others, and themselves.

This will also, in the short and long-runs affect individual parties of all the marriages and families, and thereby lead to so many social problems within the economy.

So, in here is a country’s best developmental plan, as the Lord had thought that since a country is strategically made up of unit families (business companies), each of them should ‘produce’ in support of the bulk work.

Moreover, they’re to be better managers of their homes (their companies), so that the entire economy which is a huge total family together, to be also led by one Father, will grow well. This increases economic development.

(Here, this is what God calls the Mystery of the Kingdom, and so had started an equipped kingdom, with Adam and Eve and with their Children), fully set with talents, and skills, (for His overall assignments) in a world of His gracious resources.

Hence, this was why God knew that He has to start explaining the economic work, by starting it up with a family causing each of the members of the family to play a role; thus, He had first called,

  • One man (Adam)
  • Then to the two people (The Married Couple)-with this intention.
  • Then to their Entire Family (when their Sons or Children Cain and Abel, came forth)

Thus, they would now manage the earth’s resources as one business company and fight their way through even at the domestic levels.

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