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How To Do Business With Almost No Money




The Economy, has become uneasy for many people today, and the records or statistics do show.

Many people have tried to get jobs to do, but have not been able to achieve that. Besides, many of them who used to get full time job years ago, do no more have the luxury to do so. Today, the markets have become so competitive, and people are just losing jobs.

Without a doubt, it has been realized that many of the unemployed, fall in the ‘youthful’ class, which are actually the majority of the world; a people who have their precious lives to build, while time and age, is also catching up so fast on them. Though many of these have finished school, they still don’t jobs to do.

Even though their governments, for years, have tried to do their best and to keep their promises of finding or creating jobs for them, it has become as though, it’s never ever going to be achieved, since the number of people who yearly complete the academic ladder, far surpasses all the job they’ve always, been able to create. (In fact, this problem, is beginning to wear up on successive governments, and so now or in the primetime, the only thing the governments have to do, is to just manage the un-ending problem).

In view of this, was when God gave me a ‘business plan,’ for His people (the people) to do, to help them be able to do or to create their own jobs, by their own expense, yet without much financial involvement, or investments. (It was after my 11 years of divine encounters).

In these jobs, money doesn’t really become the barrier-(as it often has).

Meanwhile, this is not because it is the easiest way out, but it’s the best way out anyone should follow to become successful in any field of endeavour, today. In actual fact, this is what God had planned that every man should have done, in his field of endeavour.  It’s the kind of Business, where you sit at home and do it.

Actually, many giant people all over the world, knowingly or unknowingly, followed this system, and had become successful in life or in the field of endeavor their hearts felt they should passionately follow.

(Below are the steps the Lord gave me, in their step by step order. Enjoy them, and have them change your economic life).



Convert a Part of Your ‘Home’ into a Business

Convert a Part of Your Home Into a Business,’ that’s the next thing, the Lord said to me!

So, apart from filling your house up with these foodstuffs or produce, the items, and saving your monies (whether at home or in the bank), you’ll need to as well, convert your Home into a Business.

‘Doing your business outside your house, is not the right way of doing business,’ the Lord said to me in the encounter.

Some of you think, that the only way that you can do business is to look for a ‘multi-millionaire,’ office lot, or space out there to rent for your business.

In that case, we never achieve our aim, because we’re not going to get the money to rent, that kind of building-so we never start the business.

Don’t you know that a ‘business’ is your house?’

The Lord said that, the best way to manage your money, is to do a business not anywhere but in front of your house, or somewhere in your house. He had said that convert a place within the house, to do a business. You shouldn’t use all the rooms for your sleeping play-ground-I mean for your sleeping rooms. In that case, everyone can be a producer-and then produce something from his own house, which will help the economy.

In this best business, you and your children can do it. As well, your servants can support you.

Do you not realize that, the same place God gave to his children ‘Adam, and Eve’ to farm was the same place they were eating, and also where they were sleeping?

Hence, what was God trying to say? That the House, is also a Production or a working Place as well-and, it wasn’t just a sleeping ground, or for socialization purposes, only.

Hence, this should show you how God thinks, about what a business is.

In this case, everybody can actually start a business since everybody has a house.

In fact, that should be how a developed economy should lead the people, to do.

The people, and their families must produce something, inside their homes with the office ‘space’ they have-which is in their homes. Each family, must be able, to start up with something. And, each family is made or started by an individual; yes, just by an individual. Hence, it could be started by you.

You shouldn’t be out there competing for space, when all that you could use is a room for it.

This is one thing the Lord said should have been done in every kind of Economy-and all over or throughout the world.

When technology reaches the domestic level, there shall be development throughout or in the whole nation. Every home becomes productive.

The Lord said to me, ‘There are a lot of people who have looked down on ‘home start-up businesses, and are now perishing though they have space, or already have the resources?’

Note, that even ‘big time’ companies (businesses),as we call them, are beginning to buy a whole home to use as the centers of their business operations.

Therefore, there are businesses and properties everywhere. It’s all about, how you see it.

‘Create an office Space or a Production house in your home.’

You don’t need to depend on the economy so much.

As transportation for your goods, you can use your car for it! Yet, a business which is done with much quality in mind or as focus, is easily located in any nook or corner it may be found. You’ll be found if you produce quality goods (products), with good price and also have them always available.

Start with your talent, with what you think you can produce-for all men who had started somewhere, just started with their talents.

Today, there are phones and computers, and other gadgets at home which can make us do our marketing digitally too, from home.

In this case, every ‘company’ brewed at home, could even have a website for themselves (for their local businesses or home business, and make money from the whole international world-because through both our websites and social media nowadays, we can actually reach the entire world right from home.

So start, and you should produce a quality product out of your talents.

A Home is a multi-purpose, place. It’s also the ‘Chief Educational Centre’ for you to learn and refine your skills.

In all of this, make sure you own a farm, or a garden and also some livestock, as well; that is, if you can.

Provide an employment for yourself, and be at the mercy of no one, just because of the small pennies you’re paid.

So then you may ask me, ‘What am I supposed, to do?’’ Do what your talent has called you, as a human being to do

‘Why do you think you‘re on earth?’

Talent, is your work, which ‘God has called you to do.’ It’s very interesting that out-rightly, most of the people who are the most richest people in our world are people who had dropped out of school, and had followed or pursued nothing, but their talents. (So then, who said without being to a ‘four-square’ school class, there’s nothing good, that can be written home about you?

Yes, from the day they gave birth to you, you had a Talent, from which you were called to do: For even, if your parents don’t help you to find it, you must help to find it by yourself, so that, you don’t waste your talent, and your life hereon earth.

Thus, success is not about having money, it is about following your talents. As for money, we can as well, have it through many means-so then, it’s not about money. Meanwhile, your talents will show you the way to progress, and to have more better money; which is out of people buying up the ‘gifts’ or the ‘fruits,’ of your enviable talents.

What is your talent? Are you able to make a shoe? Are you able to write a book? Are you able to make, clothings? Can you write a book? Can you draw and design?

Do it, in the space you’ve created in your house. Don’t be fooled by people, who tell you to get an office location, outside in town before you start a business!

(Do you mean you unless rent a business location, with a large some of money, before you can start your business, and do something about your talents?)

That’s not a proper office; the office is the comfortable home you, live, right now!

Do, what you can do best. You must know, that your talent is always there (and there right there in you this moment), to solve a need or a particular problem in your life, and can do that too in someone’s life or in the public sector.

A talent is not there, just for your fun. (A talent is also there, as a sure job security, which GOD has put in you). You’ll always have it, right there, with you; nobody will take it from you. And you carry it with you, wherever you go-even to your sleep. That’s how God, had made you; as a working Tool. (You’re the man). It’s borne in You, thus making you special before men, and to yourself).

Therefore, a talent provides you the solution; it provides solution to the people in which you’ll earn money in return-after you’ve rendered a service out of your God-giving talents to men.

So in here, we are talking about using some part of your homes which you sleep in, for a business, and this business is going to come out of your talents and giftings; the home is not just a place for sleeping (at least, that was what God had told me) but it is a production centre as well for every developed family upon this earth. So, what are you there for?

(Now God said to me that, ‘If you ever happen to build your home, build it in relation to your business-in relations to suit your talents, in order for you to save and make all that money you’ll need to make from it’).

Yes, do it as your Hobby; add this to the rearing of livestock, having a garden, and having a farm.

You should never let anybody laugh at you, or look down upon your ‘Talent’ business. It’s worth the Efforts!

‘Now, there are many benefits in this kind of business,’ said the Lord to me.

The following, are how He’d explained them:

  • You work at your own pace. ‘No burdens, no stress.’
  • You work at your own business (Yes, your plantation).
  • Every family house has something they will do to make them produce.
  • The children will be productive, because they’ll begin to learn some of the trade, the skills at home, and can start their own business, when should grow up in their own home, or in that same house. (When, families join their hands effectively, they’ll start by making a living for themselves. (Each person’s talent, at the house will be supportive to that that effect-to this Home, Business).(It is not always good, to be working for someone like a slave, outside your house where they may treat you any how, and may give you a meager), yet, there’s no job security.
  • It is also easy, to pass such an inheritance to your children too, since the business is done your the house-and the children will learn from you.
  • Yes, you become a Producer (of your Own Goods), and not an employee. Therefore, you’d earn like your boss. A house, is a Production Place (and even more than that), and not just a resting place!
  • Once you start doing the business at home, you take off from your shoulders, a huge ‘leasing’ expense. We are (all) spending so much in renting office spaces in the towns and in the public squares, and this, is costing us too much.
  • You’d pay one utility bill-to serve the house, and the business in the house at the same time- not one for your business, and one for the house, which is at a separate place. Once utility, and cost of leasing a place, have been taken off, you’ll save a lot of money-because these are the two main ‘things,’ that if any business man should tell you, continually sucks their monies in business. So then, it’ll save you money, and cut’s down costs (or your investments), drastically!

So then, it’ll help you to use your utility wisely, by only paying it once, only in the house!

After all you’re using it to ‘work’ to earn money at home, in which you’d be able to pay back. And so then, your investments even in using utility in this kind of business, will be cost effective.

  • O yes, you already have ‘self-made’ workers, which should include your wife and your children respectively, who’re to assist you in the kind of business you do at home. (Don’t worry-I said ‘self-made’ workers, because they’re borne out of your own rib and loins-as long as the mystery of marriage, is concerned).
  • So then, such a business could be passed down to your wife and children respectively, as an inheritance, as you wish. Hence, in this modern day, where our parents and young married couples are incapable of passing down inheritance to their children, due to the fact that they do not own such jobs, it’ll be a thing of the past! In that case, all the youth will be able to do so!
  • The home will as well provide instant comfort (rest) or leisure, right after work, or rest within the intervals of work. Once you need rest, you’ll also be able to get some rest!

This is why, there’s what we call the Sabbath (the rest), which comes after work!

  • It by far reduces transportation costs, since you wouldn’t be picking transport vehicles both in and out, as most people do regularly; thus reducing your cost, and also helping you to save again to yourself, much more Money.
  • At home you can take your time to cook good food to eat, during leisure breaks! (At the house you could pluck some fruits and vegetables at your backyard vegetable garden, cook them and eat. This both helps you save your monies, and ensures that you eat good quality food. This too, is much better than seeing office workers in town, who’re just going about searching for food to buy at restaurants, or bars, usually at high costs than if they cook at home, with that same money. (Besides all that, most of these foods they eat, may not be hygienic). At home, is where you can do your best catering. Ei yeah, the produce you bought, could now be depended upon.

And so then, while working at home, you could be able to plan your balanced course-meal too, well, providing you energy for work. (Meaning, in this business, you’ll have your healthy-life intact. After all, there’ll be good and enough rest after work, also.

How would such businesses help, our World Economies today?

God also revealed these too:

  • This strategy, makes every family of the economy become productive, efficient and begins to support the entire GDP to go high. It becomes the foundation, that alleviates ‘real’ poverty, when it should start now, from the domestic levels.
  • It reduces the unemployment rate almost to zero, since every family now, shall all be made to work within their space, and will create or produce, based upon their gifts and talents.

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