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4 Key Things To Search Our For When Looking For Land To Build Your House In This Modern Age: God Reveals!

A lot of people ask for a leveled, and a non-water-logged area when they’re building, or looking for a land to build their homes or house, but they don’t know that, that’s not the only thing to ask for, when building a house. Well, apart from that, they may also be willing to ask for the price, and also about the entitlement.

However, that’s not all that mattes!

According to the Lord, there are other factors they don’t look out for, which is why they’re not having a ‘safe haven’ nowadays, even after they’ve been able to build up that beautifully looking house! He said that, most residential areas are not ‘safe’ because, they do not ask for these primary features, or add it to their plan as well.

Again, He said to me that, these are some main features we need to be asking out for, when building a house.

Below were some of the additional ‘signals’ the Lord asked me to write about, which should make your living in a place wonderful, and purposeful.

Indeed, these kind of features (signals) will also save you a lot of money now and in the future, to overcome economic problems!

Now, according to the Lord, when searching out for a land, to build your future mansion (which is also exactly what he would have done that), search out for a land.


(A) The Land should be in a place where there’s enough ‘air:’ You must live in a condition where there’s air enough to get into your windows, rooms, and environment. So, there should be enough air in the community, ‘’especially, ‘’cool air.’’ Most of the time we see a well-developed estate, and the place is so hot, with most of the trees cut down, not making such a community a safe place to live (dwell) in, though entirely nice. Ah, most of the urban-communities today, are so hot because the trees have been cut down. Consider natural Climate, or Weather first, not ‘’A.C’’ first. ‘’Well, such ‘’airy’’ places, which you should know, are the places with enough trees around,’’The Lord said.
Moreover, though the area must not be so hot, it should be cool, and must have enough portion of Sunlight, too.
Hence, most of the time, a place where there are so many trees, will allow ‘’enough’’ sunlight to come to, or visit the area. This light, will eventually give enough sunlight to your rooms. Therefore, both sunlight and enough air, will give your environment, a soothing atmosphere!


(B) It’s also important, that the land you’re going to live on, must be a fertile land-the Lord said.
So according to the Lord, just because you’re going to build, doesn’t mean the place you are going to build or the land you’re going to build on, should not be a fertile land, It’s not only a Bare Land, You Must Need! He actually said, that a house is a production place where you provide your own food!
He said, that you should also be able to have your farm (A Small Farm) or garden on it. (This will help you to overcome the pressure). Wisely enough, where God made Adam sleep, was where He made him to have the garden Eden. (Later you’ll understand why!).

(C) You should have water in the land (ground) so you’ll be able to tap your water from it. You should be able to get a land, where you can get water underneath it, or from it.
According to God, you should be able to dig a ‘’well’’ in it (in that land) so that you can as well get water from it too.

You’d have to make sure water is acquired in the house. This means that, ‘‘once food and water,’’ can be acquired (produced from the house), man’s economic needs are solved.
As you can see, most of these resources today, such as ‘food and water,’ are so becoming expensive, so if you do your best to get a land with these features, you can do away with economic systems, and with a lot government’s provision.
These, will provide ‘enough’ economic resources for free while others, even living in estate communities, are currently suffering to buy them. (Hence, project into the future, to know that a house goes beyond a ‘’beautifully crafted design.’’ Thus, economic changes in these ‘resources’ will not affect you. You’ll be satisfied in the future in the long-term if you consider these ideas. You’ll use one stone to kill many birds if you consider these ‘important’ factors of the economy.
Most developed estates, are not like that; so it looks like their whole concentration, was just then about the building. They’re not good communities.
Now, don’t forget that, the ‘air’ and the ‘sunlight,’ will help your home-crops to grow apart from soothing ventilation; And you shouldn’t mind not using an A.C, which is an unnatural chemical!

(D) Finally, the Lord also said that, it should be a place where you can live in; can you live with the people in the community? Oh yeah, often times, you cannot control these things, but obviously, you must make sure you can live with such a people in the community, so that you can have the peace of mind.

These are the other very important 5 (five) things God said, we must realize and consider, when building a house, or buying a land, and which are much better than all that we know, as in the style of the building and just for the sake of the price, or for the sake of it being, on a leveled ground. Consider these things, and consider the distant future! (Yet, most of these lands, interestingly, can be found in THE NEW CAMPS, OR ARE IN THE SO-CALLED REMOTE AREAS!

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Written by Prince Akogo

Prince Akogo is a Solutions-Focused Content Writer, A Life Coach, A Christian Author and has been called into the Ministry!
He’s Also An Entrepreneur, Graphics Designer, Traditional And Digital Marketer And Multimedia Producer!

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