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Start A Home Foundation Business Right Away


Do you have a Good Skills in something? Go out to the streets and pick needy or children, who don’t have anything to do. Train them in what you know you can do, or with the skills you have, so that with time, they’ll start working for you. So, for example; if you sew, some will sew, and others too will sell and market the dresses for you.

Also, to get more financial support, you can befall on crowdfunding sites who love people who take up such helpful projects, to also come in and support you.

Moreover, you can also write to public organizations, both private and pubic corporations, and NGOs, to give you their support. Indeed, most of these organizations, support such projects and may support you. Well, so then, not only do you get workers to sell and work for you, but you could also get funding from both private, and government companies.

However, the most important thing that grows this community is love. If done well in the eyes of God, it will be a worthy business, which God will also obviously support you, since it’s his command to support the needy, and to clothe and help those who don’t have. (It’s a covenant with God in which we also get much back in return).

Peace, be with YOU, as you do this kind of business.

Prince Akogo.

(Do you like this business idea? Do someone a favour, by sharing. Have any quite easy start-up business which can be started with little, or almost no money, share your ideas in comment area. (Remember to subscribe for weekly ideas).

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