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A Family Dev.’t Idea: Start Praying With Your Family!


A Family Development Idea

God, from the beginning said His house must always be a House of Prayer; therefore, a family must always -and always be in the lead to pray.

A family that prays recognizes the fact that they’re not a family without God. Even God (through the Holy Spirit) and Jesus Christ, prays for His children (family), because He knows us, and He knows we’re susceptible to all weaknesses.

Families that pray have recognized that from the beginning it was God who had started their family systems, and it’ll be God who will nurture it and will finish it. So basically, they recognize that, it was God who brought them together.

Moreover, they’re also of the full conviction, that in these hard times without God there’s nothing they can do; yes, there’s not much that they can do with issues of their families. So, without God, they’ll not be able to have a successful FAMILY without Him.

Moreover, a family that prays will unite itself always in love, since they learn to put their issues before God, but don’t want to divide themselves by them. Of course, a praying family, sends God always as their shield both when they go out and when they are at home, at night! They carry their burdens and problems to God for Him to solve for them. They recognize that, no matter the case they have limitations; and so by giving themselves to God they know they have a full covering over their heads! So in that case, God is their first Father, and is the first Husband of the entire house; yes, not the husbands of the women!

This means that, a family that prays fully recognizes God, as the originator or source of the Family System; therefore, the master of the House. How can we live in it, without giving honour to the originator of it?

Are we sick?

A family that prays are also able to carry for long the full potential blessings of God, than those which don’t pray, because they’re obedient and always near Him. His properties they get; and His securities they get. Yes, from His hand they’ll be able to get whatever they want to make their family march forward, and He’s able to trust them with it. The enemies finds it so uneasy to snatch any blessing from families which prays, because their fires, keeps them away from touching their substances. Yes, God keeps them Strong Through Their Trying Times, As A Result Of Prayers!

The cold families (or a family that does not pray), has the devil walking in their corridors.

One thing we should know is that every family, has a plan, and God has specific plans for each and every family, of His; and it’s based on these plans that He’ll provide for each of these families.(It’s never the plan of the man (the husband): but they’re plans of God towards each family, which each family head must be called into, or must be aware of. The big problem we have in our world today, is when men and women thing they can do all the family-thing all by themselves. Assuredly, it takes a few years for the entire family to see, everyone has scattered!

Sure, this results when they follow their own type of family, or individual plans, aside God’s concrete pre-destined plans and purposes, which should direct their walk on this earth. And so, if they do not pray, and to be connected to the one who gave them this marriage, and the children, to form the family, then they’ll be disorganized, and miss their God-given PLANS being the purposes in life.

For abandoning the crucial family directions of God, you’ll land your family in death, or in apostasy! However, through Prayer and Supplication, will God be building these plans and purposes into You.

No matter what you like, The FAMILY is not our own; it’s God’s own. He gave us the family system from man’s beginning, telling both Adam and Eve to marry, and strategically instructing them, to give birth to CHILDREN TO ‘FILL UP’ THE EARTH, which is in this universe! Therefore, God, as a creator of it, has rights, and of course, standards for it, since there’s obviously going to be a judgment!

In actual fact, one irresponsibility parents have abandoned, is the fatherly responsibility to be a Prophet (or a Seer) over their own children, and over their whole family, PER WHAT GOD’S DIRECTIONS MAY BE. You must be able to direct your children PERFECTLY in the will of God, which Job, as a father over his own household, was doing, pleasing God His Master, in every way, in a way that Satan became Jealous.

Prince Akogo.

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