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The Most Important Power Of A Leader Forever, Is His Love: Find Why!


The Most Important Power Of A Leader Forever, Is His Love: Find Why!

In every circle of leadership, ‘love’ is the main thing. What will cause people to connect to you, and bind to you, is ‘’love.’’

Thus your ability to really your followers will show how they can really be connected to you; Thus, love is the magnet in leadership In fact, every follower is seeking for love back from his or her leader before he or she can connect back, to the leader!

In most cases, a ‘’love’’ and ‘’care’’ fruit, are what followers are seeking from every leader’s leadership!

So, our ability to love and care shows how we’re able to hear up their concerns and grievances; yes, your care and love, will automatically show your ability to provide for all their concerns, and grievances! And so, if leaders are able to do this, their followers will owe all to them, and stick closer to them, causing the leaders to be able to lead the flock for a long time!

Thus, ‘’Love,’’ is the greatest magnet in our leadership!

Yes, It wouldn’t come in our too much explanations and talking; not at all.

Moreover, this is why God chooses to be a God of love, so that He can find Himself, in connecting to all of His creations (followers, servants). He knows that Love is the magnet that strengthen Him (His leadership), with His creations.

So, let the people know we love them; when the people (followers) don’t have have ‘’love and care’’ from anywhere, full love on our part is what causes our followers to see, and will cause all of our servants to have hope, and will love to give life a try, again! Love, is the key!

Love is the greatest tool, in leadership! For our followers, the greatest thing that will cause them to have ‘’light,’’ that is ‘’hope’’ again, and will always leave out the doubt to follow you, is when they’ll definitely see a genuinely love, care and interest in them, by you and your leadership! Thus, that love will come by

A) How you’ll talk to them

B) By how you respond and listen, to their pleas! Yes, anytime and whenever to call upon you, love is what they’ll see from you, as a light, similar to how God’s love, is seen by us His light!

C) Love, will also equal how we’ll provide for them.

D) Yes, your love will also include how you’ll compose yourself in front of them. Hence, for you to be able to do that, you’ll have to sacrifice a lot away from yourself, rather for their success and good, but not in there for your selfish interests!

Yes, love is what calls for leadership; and leadership’s heartbeat is all about, love!

E) It’ll also definitely mean, sharing your quality time and resources, with them. Therefore, everybody who says he or she is going to be in love, must then be ready to be a leader, must sacrifice a lot away from himself, must always stay in the light and also, must always be ready to give! Therefore, if you’re not ready to do that, you cannot stay in the light, and might not be able to lead the weak!

F) Hence, since we all will love, then we all must know that we’ll one day lead, and must know what it takes! Yes, we must be able to spend time with the people, and to speak with the people! Love is the King!

As a leader, your love is the ‘’light’’ that you walk in!

So then, love is not fake!

Anybody, who says he or she will love, must be ready to walk the walk; and must also be ready to sincerely walk his talk, to be in the light! (Love is not fake; it’s a mighty sacrifice!)

So the, since love is much more than just saying, you must be truthful with your words in leadership, or must be clean (transparent) in leadership; and therefore must mean what you say, because it’s costly to play with people’s lives, at least, before the eyes of God.

Leadership, is much about brotherliness and it’s everything about clean sacrifice before God, and care! It’s not really about you! Hence, your manner of leadership will show to God and men what’s in your heart, and the specific quarters you walk in!

Peace, to the leader of men who know this:

Thank You!

Prince Akogo.


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