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The Meaning & The Purpose Of Love!

Anytime I checked, male water and female water ( those water that meet at the tributary) joined to form a beautiful water course, as though it’s their offspring! Also, anytime I checked in plants, a male plant, and a female plant must relate together before a new plant (an offspring) must be formed!

And the same, is with humans! A man must mate with a female (to make love), before another life, called offspring must be formed! So then, what will absolutely form life, at anytime, will be an intercourse between us (all creations) before another life (which is a positive thing), must be formed,that is, our union or coming together, regardless of whether we’re blacks or whites, Caribbean or Jewish, Polish or British, Chinese or Yugoslavian.

Love is the Thing!

Therefore or this supposes that, our expectation of long life (more life) will be based on our togetherness (our coming together) as a world!

That supposes that, the cell scientists are looking out for, to prolong life, IS THE CELL OF LOVE. Hence, the more the love, the more the life.

Thus, and absolutely, the purpose of love which God had given us was to ‘perfectly’ create life, that is a long life to co-exist in our midst-even in our differences as the explanations above!

(Indeed, the sort of love God had given us wasn’t for death (conflict or war) nor for the oppression of all the unique and different parties, that abide with us!)

Firmly, this means that, the more we take off the differences, the longer the life, and the better the world will be a better place,to scare away all darkness!

Importantly, this cell of love, will let us enjoy the paradise of life we all want to enjoy in this world! (That love, indeed, is what will create that peace for us in this world, not proliferation of weapons,for civilian and military use!)

After all, plants, water bodies, man, animals don’t use weapons to generate life).

Further, it means that, this love is not the preaching of sexual love on t.v (as we all find today); It’s about an agreement of all things between men. Yes-that’s what will generate the life that exists inside of love!

Yes-that’s what will take off the Fear! This love, is the light that will always take off the darkness that will exist in our world!

The fighting will not prolong love; anger, factions, betrayals and the like will always put off love, that is, the light!

Together we’re all One! That’s why it’s said that, the Kingdom divided in heart (feeling so separated) will not stand!

Therefore, the eternal life we’ll need, will be based on the eternal love we’ll all need to give! Again I say, that eternal life will be produced not when we carry the weapon of defeat, but when we carry the weapon of love in our hearts!

Our Love, is the weapon to break our darkness!

Your evil or selfish won’t-EVEN nature, teaches us so! (This is how a baby is formed in the womb).


There should be a show of love (that indifference) among us!


Thanks, And God Bless You!

Prince Akogo

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Written by Prince Akogo

Prince Akogo, Is A Solutions-Focused Content Writer, A Seasoned-Life Coach, A Christian Author, And An Anointed Man Of God Who Has Been Appointed Into Ministry, By the Lord! Stay With His Writings! Many Years Ago, The Lord Told Him, ''Set Up A Blog, That I May Write Answers & Solutions Through You, To The World!''
For These Reasons, The Things He Writes Are By Divine Revelations Just As When Revealed To Him By His Spirit! You're Here To Know The Mysteries & Secrets Of The Lord Which Should Bring Answers & Solutions To Your Life's Problems & Issues, At All Times And From Today!

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