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A Quick Tip Towards Your Friends!

 If you want your friends to know you care about them, every week, call them once to find out how they're doing. Doing this every week, builds a fellowship with them. Yes, calling them once every week, will not cost you, nor change

Quick Tip: Keep Yourself Safe!

Know that, walking in a path of a bush (especially at night) is dangerous. Walk in the very meddle of the path, not on the left side or on the right side, because at the sides of the path, a snake,  or an animal or insect that bites, could

Quick Tip-The Best Way To Sleep

 The best way to sleep is to sleep with your stomach and face facing the ceiling. It relaxes your nerves and supports the flow, of your blood! But sleeping on the side can cause arm pain. When you you sleep on the side, you'll sleep on

A Quick Tip On Your Meal!

In a nice rice and stew meal, actually, the balance part of the meal, is the stew, not the rice part. For the stew has carbohydrates, fats and oil, vitamins, protein, fibres and many others in it's whole mix.Yet, you'll often see people

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