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    What Always Makes A Man Special ln Life

    What Always Makes A Man Special ln Life

    The Lord, was trying to show me one thing that will always make a man special in life.
    And in actual fact, this is also one thing that makes God special in life!
    The Thing Is Love!
    Hence, or in other words, if you always want to be very special in life, always walk in love! Yes, this is the thing that will always make your lifestyle better!

    To be able to always walk in love,don’t always think about yourself; the about the specialty of others.
    (That will also make your life special too in life). Talk and react good towards other people, not thinking about yourself first.(Yes, if you should do that, it means you’re rich in life).
    Let your life so shine, and you’ll always draw people to you!
    In any case, the thing that has made God special to us is His unfathomable love towards us! Always walk in love, and you’ll always walk in life!
    God Bless You!
    Thank you.

    Prince Akogo.

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    How The Rich Buy Their Cars 

    How The Rich Buy Their Cars 

    In the case of buying up some cars, the rich also do the same (as I stated before). They’ll refuse to use their principal savings to pay for, or to buy the interested cars they need!

    Rather, they’ll invest that accumulated capital (principal amount) into a lucrative financial security like ‘Treasury Bill,’ and will use the returns on these invested capital to rather buy their cars so as to still ‘have’ their principal money, no matter what!

    Hence, in the end, they’ll still have the cars and will not lose that sort of ‘huge’ capital!
    However, often,those who don’t know this do go with their money to the car dealing shop, and buy the desired cars of their choice, and in the end will lose their complete money just to acquire a car! And then, they would have to start saving again, to acquire such sorts of monies, which are hard to come buy!

    Prince Akogo

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    How The Rich Buy Their Homes Or Lands 

    How The Rich Buy Their Homes Or Lands 

    It’s often known, that the rich do not carry up their savings, or will go ahead and close up their accounts, to go and buy either a land or a house!
    Of course, they know if they do this, they’ll end up losing all that money, and it’ll be a hard time to begin saving again!
    So, how do they do it?
    They’ll rather deposit that huge savings into a lucrative financial security, like a ”Treasury Bill,” which pays a lot on huge investments.
    In the future, they’ll rather arrange with a mortgage company to pay for that house or land on their behalf, and use the returns on the huge investments, to rather pay for the land or property through a monthyly installment plan, or on the agreed period!
    In the course of this, they’ll not lose their initial capital entirely, to owning that property, but will acquire that with the returns on their investments!

    And so, they’ll still be able to acquire the land or the building (house),without losing their principal capital whatsoever!
    It’ll be a better investment!
    When they have used the profits of their investments to acquire those life-needed properties, they’ll then roll back that invested money, to acquire other returns for other future purchases!
    The rich try to make it hard to lose their money! Often, those who don’t know, go on to acquire those properties, with every money in their accounts!
    Hence, like the rich, it’s better to still be able to acquire the properties and to always hold on the savings in your accounts at the same time!
    Yes-since money is hard to come by, it’s good to do things in this way!


    Prince Akogo.

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    Keep Your Contacts

    Keep Your Contacts

    Life is based on contacts. You should be able to have the contacts of all-atleast, those you know can be very good of help to you in the future!
    There are many people we’ll meet in the circles of our lives today, or tomorrow, and it’s God who’s bringing them toward you, for a particular reason’s sake tomorrow! Some of the people are going to be the business contacts you’ll need by tomorrow.

    This is why you’re supposed to keep their contacts, and not quarrel with them, today or tomorrow!
    Everything has a reason!
    And there’s a reason why they’re coming into your l!ife!
    And so know that, in life we live by contacts!

    Prince Akogo.

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    The Meaning & Purpose Of Love

    Anytime I checked, male water and female water ( those water that meet at the tributary) joined to form a beautiful water course, as though it’s their offspring! Also, anytime I checked in plants, a male plant, and a female plant must relate together before a new plant (an offspring) must be formed!

    And the same, is with humans! A man must mate with a female (to make love), before another life, called offspring must be formed! So then, what will absolutely form life, at anytime, will be an intercourse between us (all creations) before another life (which is a positive thing), must be formed,that is, our union or coming together, regardless of whether we’re blacks or whites, Caribbean or Jewish, Polish or British, Chinese or Yugoslavian.

    Love is the Thing!

    Therefore or this supposes that, our expectation of long life (more life) will be based on our togetherness (our coming together) as a world!

    That supposes that, the cell scientists are looking out for, to prolong life, IS THE CELL OF LOVE. Hence, the more the love, the more the life.

    Thus, and absolutely, the purpose of love which God had given us was to ‘perfectly’ create life, that is a long life to co-exist in our midst-even in our differences as the explanations above!

    (Indeed, the sort of love God had given us wasn’t for death (conflict or war) nor for the oppression of all the unique and different parties, that abide with us!)

    Firmly, this means that, the more we take off the differences, the longer the life, and the better the world will be a better place,to scare away all darkness!

    Importantly, this cell of love, will let us enjoy the paradise of life we all want to enjoy in this world! (That love, indeed, is what will create that peace for us in this world, not proliferation of weapons,for civilian and military use!)

    After all, plants, water bodies, man, animals don’t use weapons to generate life).

    Further, it means that, this love is not the preaching of sexual love on t.v (as we all find today); It’s about an agreement of all things between men. Yes-that’s what will generate

    Yes-that’s what will take off the Fear! This love, is the light that will always take off the darkness that will exist in our world!

    The fighting will not prolong love; anger, factions, betrayals and the like will always put off love, that is, the light!

    Together we’re all One! That’s why it’s said that, the Kingdom divided in heart (feeling so separated) will not stand!

    Therefore, the eternal life we’ll need, will be based on the eternal love we’ll need! Again I say, that eternal life will be produced not when we carry the weapon of defeat, but when we carry the weapon of love in our hearts!

    Our Love, is the weapon to break our darkness!

    Your evil or selfish won’t-EVEN nature, teaches us so! (This is how a baby is formed in the womb).


    There should be a show of love (that indifference) among us!


    Thanks, And God Bless You!


    Prince Akogo

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    The One Family Of Love-Men Under One Family of Love

    The One Family Of Love-Men Under One Family of Love

    God has a family; He stands as the Father, the Holy Spirit is supposedly as the Mother. And Jesus (and we in Him) are indeed the children of this Lord, of this Earth; so that means you and I, we’re brothers and sisters!

    (We’re one body in Christ; in One love).

    Ah, we’re not Akans, English speaking people, ‘Ayigbes or (Ewes), Twis, South Africans, Jamaicans, South, Canadians-a people separated from each other, or from others. These are by the division we made for ourselves.

    And so, in God’s love we came-we’re one body in Christ, and this is the reason why we are here. This is the concept of the universe, and finally we’re down here!

    So then, understanding that we’re from one Father, we’re all trying to help each other, and to love one another!

    ‘’Yes, This Is God’s Concept of Love, In Us,’’ says the Lord to me.

    Yes-we are all on our Father’s land; and the love in us, is His Light!

    Yes, so yes; that’s so easy for us to understand!



    Prince Akogo


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    God’s Love Which Stays With Us Throughout All Times

    Has God Abandoned Us?


    The kind of love God has for us, is like the love a mother has for her son, and a father has for her daughter no matter what they do, and no matter how they’re in ‘filth.’

    As really stemmed from God’s navel, there’s absolutely no way God will ever abandone us, regardless of what we do! However, if God is that merciful, if doesn’t mean we should sin. God has forever said we should not sin.

    Are consequences God’s fault?

    Certainly not; no, never!

    Yes, I can be your Father, but that’s regardless of what you go out there to say and do!

    Similarly, consequences come regardless of whether I’m Your Father, yes, but it’s in regard to what you go out there to do, which as a Father I may not know what you do out there to do.

    Oh yes, with my words I’ve given to you, I’ll only be in trust that, you g out there and to do what I’ve told you to go out there to go and do.

    And this is only because, by my long experience, I can only give you a Fatherly counsel!

    God is often not responsible for the things we go out there to face, and so let’s not blame Him.

    God, knows the Earth better than we’ll always do. O yes, He’ll know life better than we’ll always do. He’ll not force us as in authocratic leadership to do what He wants us to do, but knowing that we’re wise and matured, we’ll only believe in His counsel to live in an earth in which He knows much more about it than us.

    We only take counsel from the leader, even tough it doesn’t seem nice, and not from a man, or a leader who’s also in an unknown walk with us, and might forever be subject to unrecognized consequences .

    For this reason, there’s no man who’s voice must be ‘richer,’ than the ‘free’ voice of the One, who gave us life on the earth.

    There’s no one subject to know things more than God; yes, just as Bill Gate understands his software more than you! The ‘Unpleasant Voice’ of God is His Counsel.

    Regardless of what some men may think, the Voice of God will counsel you, and guide you, and it’ll lead you to that place. Anytime men speak, it shows that they’re ignorant about the path.

    Love the only counsel of God!.

    In that Voice is the Life. You God knows all things, and He’ll not cause you to ‘suffer.’ Remain finally in His love!

    Listen, and follow the Earth’s Owner’s Counsels!


    Prince Akogo.


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    The Most Important Power Of A Leader Forever, Is His Love: Find Why!

    The Most Important Power Of A Leader Forever, Is His Love: Find Why!

    In every circle of leadership, ‘love’ is the main thing. What will cause people to connect to you, and bind to you, is ‘’love.’’

    Thus your ability to really your followers will show how they can really be connected to you; Thus, love is the magnet in leadership In fact, every follower is seeking for love back from his or her leader before he or she can connect back, to the leader!

    In most cases, a ‘’love’’ and ‘’care’’ fruit, are what followers are seeking from every leader’s leadership!

    So, our ability to love and care shows how we’re able to hear up their concerns and grievances; yes, your care and love, will automatically show your ability to provide for all their concerns, and grievances! And so, if leaders are able to do this, their followers will owe all to them, and stick closer to them, causing the leaders to be able to lead the flock for a long time!

    Thus, ‘’Love,’’ is the greatest magnet in our leadership!

    Yes, It wouldn’t come in our too much explanations and talking; not at all.

    Moreover, this is why God chooses to be a God of love, so that He can find Himself, in connecting to all of His creations (followers, servants). He knows that Love is the magnet that strengthen Him (His leadership), with His creations.

    So, let the people know we love them; when the people (followers) don’t have have ‘’love and care’’ from anywhere, full love on our part is what causes our followers to see, and will cause all of our servants to have hope, and will love to give life a try, again! Love, is the key!

    Love is the greatest tool, in leadership! For our followers, the greatest thing that will cause them to have ‘’light,’’ that is ‘’hope’’ again, and will always leave out the doubt to follow you, is when they’ll definitely see a genuinely love, care and interest in them, by you and your leadership! Thus, that love will come by

    A) How you’ll talk to them

    B) By how you respond and listen, to their pleas! Yes, anytime and whenever to call upon you, love is what they’ll see from you, as a light, similar to how God’s love, is seen by us His light!

    C) Love, will also equal how we’ll provide for them.

    D) Yes, your love will also include how you’ll compose yourself in front of them. Hence, for you to be able to do that, you’ll have to sacrifice a lot away from yourself, rather for their success and good, but not in there for your selfish interests!

    Yes, love is what calls for leadership; and leadership’s heartbeat is all about, love!

    E) It’ll also definitely mean, sharing your quality time and resources, with them. Therefore, everybody who says he or she is going to be in love, must then be ready to be a leader, must sacrifice a lot away from himself, must always stay in the light and also, must always be ready to give! Therefore, if you’re not ready to do that, you cannot stay in the light, and might not be able to lead the weak!

    F) Hence, since we all will love, then we all must know that we’ll one day lead, and must know what it takes! Yes, we must be able to spend time with the people, and to speak with the people! Love is the King!

    As a leader, your love is the ‘’light’’ that you walk in!

    So then, love is not fake!

    Anybody, who says he or she will love, must be ready to walk the walk; and must also be ready to sincerely walk his talk, to be in the light! (Love is not fake; it’s a mighty sacrifice!)

    So the, since love is much more than just saying, you must be truthful with your words in leadership, or must be clean (transparent) in leadership; and therefore must mean what you say, because it’s costly to play with people’s lives, at least, before the eyes of God.

    Leadership, is much about brotherliness and it’s everything about clean sacrifice before God, and care! It’s not really about you! Hence, your manner of leadership will show to God and men what’s in your heart, and the specific quarters you walk in!

    Peace, to the leader of men who know this:

    Thank You!

    Prince Akogo.


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    ‘’On-Foot-Marketing,’’ Is Still One Of The Best!

    ‘’On-Foot-Marketing,’’ Is Still One Of The Best!

    Marketing on foot, is still one of the best ways, to win people over to your products and services! This sort of marketing is just about meeting people in your circles, on your way, or just going about and talking to people, about your products and services, and openly telling them them about it’s benefits and about its uses.

    Well, recently, I did a digital marketing campaign, and expected to have results, but did not get anything from it! Around the same time,I went on foot and spoke to people in my area about my products and services. Little did I know that each of the people will be interested!

    In fact, almost everybody I spoke to, was interested in my products and services! They each ordered for my products and services!

    Not to say that digital marketing does not work, however, I mean to say that ‘foot’ marketing, where we meet the people physically in town, and talk to them about our products and services, still works!

    Together, use foot marketing and digital marketing campaigns, to reach your customers!

    It still works!

    It allows you to interact with the people,one on one!

    Now, these are some tips to make your on-foot-marketing campaigns successful

    1. Dress well, and smell good before you go; be hygienically clean! (Well, I must say that, make sure your mouth smells good, because you’ll be meeting people one on one, to talk to them!

    Personally, be physically attractive, a sort of attraction in which people can spot you from a distance!

    (Yes, understand that people look at you, when you’re attractive; this might make them open door to you to speak with them, since instead of being frightened, they’ll be carried away by the approach of an attractive personality, and will open their doors; yes, the opposite is also true!)

    1. Mind this-make sure you equally approach with a confident smile, and also with a warm, or cordial greeting!
    2. Have, or make sure you carry a sample of the product along, also: so then at least, this will help them hold, touch and feel the product you’ve designed for them!
    3. While speaking, make sure you still keep your smile!
    4. You’re no more at the office, so speak with them in a semi-formal way, but do it interestingly, as though you knew them long ago, so that they’ll be receptive to you!
    5. Introduce yourself, your brand and the product; specify the ingredients that are used for the products, and explain it’s benefits and uses!
    6. Answer all their questions!

    (If you’ve personally used the products, tell them about it, and how you felt about it! This can increase the chances of you getting a sale, if they should trust in you!)

    a) Do not push too hard; take their contacts with or without a sale, and tell them you’ll still keep the friendship!

    b) You should try to only use 5 minutes; try to use only 5 minutes of their precious time, except they request for more; that means they might be very interested!

    c) Oh, yes, Keep your smile even to the very end, answer all their questions, and thank them after everything-with or without a sale!

    d) Now, even if they don’t buy, try to leave them with an attractive flyer of the discussed product; so you must have them with you! Yes, the flyer should include the image of the discussed products, it’s description, including the price of the discussed product or service! It should also include your address, location, your website link, email, and contacts, in which they’ll later contact you, if they’re interested, in the future! (So, that’s why I said, ‘’Don’t Push Too Hard.’’

    e) Yes, call them or send them some Whatsapp messages: you can also take their emails to send them updates on packages-products and services! (This can be a means by which you’ll educate them).

    f) Okay-occassionally, pay them a visit at their homes and be friends or increase the friendship intensity! (At this point, it can lead to the sales you want!

    g) Yes, invite them to free seminars, events and programs; that’s where they’ll get to freely know more about the products and the services, and tighten the relationship with you! At the meetings, be also interested in their businesses, if you can! If there’s a way their business can benefit from your business, be ready to help them with that! (You’re trying to do this, to keep a long standing relationship with your projected long-term customers or clients!) (For instance, one of the ways you can do this, is to do a simple A4 flyer of their businesses and share it around for them! So take pictures of this campaign, and show them what you’ve done for their businesses, on behalf of their businesses, as a good person who’s also a friend of their businesses!). (This, will keep loyalty to your businesses!)

    Yes, apart from tightening the relationship with them, this will end you up of enjoying a lot of ‘’word of mouth’’ marketing from these people, and they’ll tell their neighbours, the families, their communities, and their friends about the kind gesture you gave them, and it’s all because of the goodness you done for them!

    Yes, you’ll immediately see that, at the end you’ll start getting many customers and clients, who’ll come to you, a people whom you’ve not personally won or marketed to, but they heard of your good-heartedness or about your kind hearts, from a friend! (It’ll go on and go on, into the generations!).

    Your business will grow on, as viral!

    h) At the end, thank them for such equally great opportunities, and then keep their friendship and the relationship, deep-down into the future, so you can enjoy unstoppable sales, down from one kind gesture!

    That’s absolutely what the ‘’Best Foot-Marketing Business,’’ is all about!


    Prince Akogo.

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    Every Leader Teaches His Subjects: Every Leader Must Be In Writing!

    Every Leader Teaches His Subjects: Every Leader Must Be In Writing!

    According to the Lord, one way for a leader to be able to improve the lives of his people is for him to be able to write! The Lord said to me, ‘Every leader must write!’

    Of course, it’s important that every leader writes and must not assume that the people know and understand how to manage, or maintain the resources of the economy!

    So then, it’s good that every leader should be in a form of  writing, showing the people how they’re able to do that! It’s a way of informing the people to come along with you, other than that, they may drag you into the slow pace of development!

    Every leader is a teacher, and must explain the way of the development of the country!

    ”It’s important that every leader must write good books to teach his followers or subjects or must at least have a blog where his followers follow informal and educative writings!” so the Lord said to me!

    He said, ”It’s a 101 idea for all leaders to do that!”

    (Certainly, this will help the people in understanding you, and in relating well with you!)

    Every leader must be in writing! Thank You!

    Prince Akogo.

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    Start Marketing With Ad-Classified Sites

    Start Marketing With Ad-Classified Sites

    This kind of marketing starts with you by taking pictures of your selling items and pasting them on several ad-classified sites like tonaton, olx, including shockersale.com (A Classified Site For The World’s Trading which is owned by princeakogo group of companies). (In fact, you don’t have to go anywhere when doing this type of marketing, but just selling from home!) Understand that, these online business markets which are now in town have created a ‘free’ marketplace for us already; and so, to some extent, we don’t have to rent a shop for ourselves again!  This means, you can now be sitting at home and open your ‘shop’ on them, to directly do your business.  Already, the average classified site has a lot of visits, throughout the world and country! (This is why you can make all of them your  business places, without even moving an inch from home, or from your house! So as these people come to these classified sites to post their ad, to shop, or to browse through, chances are, they may see your products, and will immediately pick your numbers, and give you a call instantly based on whatever you’ve posted! Okay, perhaps let me show you some tips, that’ll make you sell tonnes of products on these classified sites right away, and right in the comfort of your home. (A) To sell faster go ahead and search by keywords, to see which products people are mostly searching for or viewing, on most of these ad-classified sites. Surely, you can know this by the number of loves, likes and social shares on those specific products, as you browse through the pages, or click on these ads. This can obviously help you to know which products or services you should be going for, from these production houses or companies, or from these wholesaling companies!  Thus, this will help you get to know which obvious markets you must get into, with your small investment capital, so that you don’t waste your monies! (All you need to do, is to study the markets on these platforms!). (B) Secondly, as you’re doing business on these sites, you may also have to update your ads-by deleting and updating them most often after every two weeks! This plan, is to get your services and products mostly in the domain of being often seen. Thus, it should keep your ads fresh. You’ll notice that on the majority of these ad-classified sites some ads expire at the end of a month). More so, your ad too could be buried, since there are many people, posting there! Often, classified ads are very huge markets, so people find themselves there. (C) The third ‘good idea’ I can give to you is that, for you to able to sell more and faster at these classified sites, deem it to price your products and services at relatively cheaper prices in that particular niche, or category you’re in so many visitors may channel to yours, and buy from you instantly. Now, this is why I said that, you should sell them at relatively cheaper prices; but the only way you  can obviously sell them at those relatively or comparatively cheaper prices, is to buy them from the wholesaling markets, or from their production companies. Yes, understand that most often that not the people who come to those classified sites are mainly looking for the cheapest and the coolest prices on these platform! Hence, as you do this, you’ll obviously meet them at the point of their needs! Ad-classified sites are the online or digital market versions for all your business on an online platform. Yes, take note that you can have ‘free unlimited space’ on my international ad-classified site Shockersale.com to also begin selling! Thanks for this! Prince Akogo.   (Do you lke this business idea? Do someone a favour, by sharing it; Look At Our Homepage Or Below For More. Have any quite easy start-up business which can be started with little, or almost no money, share your ideas in comment area. (Remember to subscribe for weekly ideas).
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    3 Things Subjects and Followers Look Out For Once You Stand In-front of them To Speak!


    3 Things Subjects and Followers Look Out For Once You Stand In-front of them To Speak!

    There are many things followers look out for in a leader, immediately you stand in front of them to speak! These are some the 3 main things followers sub-consciously look out for in you, when you’re always standing in front of them to speak,  or you’re always leading them!

    A) First is your dressing.

    Followers will sub-conciously look at your outfit (dressing) once you stand in front of them to speak. They will size you up and look at your dress, your hair, facial hair, your belt, your shoe (it’s colours) and it’s beauty; yes, indeed, your w atch and everything matters.

    They’ll also look at whatever is in your hands, once you walk in to speak, or you get up to speak!

    (I must say that though a lot of women do put a lot thought into this, most men don’t). However, few have learnt this art!

    Well, as a leader there’s a secret you must learn-with what followers look out for. And this secret is that, the greatest and most sensitive part you can use in first attracting your followers ‘keen’ interest is your hair. The Lord taught me this, as a great secret!

    Yes, you can attract flowers interests with the smoothness and sleekness of your hair first and foremost. (Learn it, it’s a secret that can help you when delivering your speech! It must be sleek and smooth (curly)), because subconsciously it’s one of the things your clients look at. Following that, is the neatness of your shoe!

    So, the second should be the neatness of your footwear, or your shoe!

    Now thirdly, according to the Lord, when it’s a less formal occasion, your under-part should be white!

    (Then He said that, your watch is the fourth one; it must equally be neat, and quite classy!)

    So secretly, getting these 4 (four) things on point are some of the things which will keep your follower’s interest, or focus on you, as they seek to scan around you!

    Well, a lot of people want to be leaders, but they do not put thought into what they do, or what they wear before standing up to talk!

    So note that, if you want to be a leader then you must put full thought into these. Once these four points are on point, you’re likely to become a great leader, who’s good at giving speeches, because you’ll capture their interests with your appearance first and foremost, before talking! Yes of course-it’ll all start with your appearance first and foremost!


    B) Your Words:

    The second sub-conscious thing they will look at is the words. Here, when I’m talking about your words I’m talking about what you say, or what you want to actually say. It’s much more about how you’ll say it. How you’ll say whatever you’re going to say matters, to them. The tonation you use, how you start your speech (do you greet?), when to say it, and your total mannerisms on the stage. It includes the time you walked in, and how you walked in onto the stage before greeting (the total mannerisms).

    These are all watched by your clients or followers who you’ll cause to buy into what you want them to think, or your speech you’re going to deliver.

    All those mannerisms, your first comments, what you say in between and how you say it and obviously, your last comments all will in this case matter.

    (Appreciate their time for coming and for stopping by, cherish it, draft your tonation well, how you move your arm (hands), that is your bodily gestures and movements, including how your points are arranged, the way you draft your sentences and the manner in which you’ll look at them, matters! It includes, your voice levels and pitches.

    They all matter to these ”customers,’’ or your listeners.

    Words and gestures are products, and they must be delivered suitably. If they’re done well, these all can captivate the crowd following you or listening to you.


    C) The Important of what you want to say:

    Now, when the above point has been done right, how important is what you want to say? Does it bring Good News? Good news indeed is all they want to hear. Nobody will like to come to sit there, and will like to listen to your thrush! They don’t have time for that or they will stand and go, and will be insulting your nuisance in their heads, and talk verbally about you to their peers once they meet them outside the conference hall.

    But if you deliver a great speech, one that’s satisfactory, they’ll praise you for ‘starting’ to make their day.

    So know that, any speech you  deliver, should contain good Words. It must indeed, have points that satisfy.

    And even when there’s a negative news to say, there’s a way you’ll say it: Start not with the negative news first in the speech or the presentations you deliver. That should be second after a series of good news have been said, or have been delivered.

    Thirdly, end the speech with stronger good news. This is to nullify, or neutralize the bad news a little so it doesn’t totally spoil or change the mood of the people. Speech delivering just as book writing is artistry, and it is part of the science which we must learn.

    So, do you do this?

    So do this, and don’t change the mood of the people totally. And you could ask about their suggestions in tackling the matter after you’ve delivered your last good news at the end of your speech, or your presentations.

    Some of them, after considering your delivery, may offer you some brilliant ideas. After all, wisdom cannot be found in just one person’s mind and in the multitude of counselors, there’s safety.

    (God may perhaps speak through one of them).

    Indeed, if you should do this, your followers will love you as never before. They’ll know that you’re a skillful person and qualifies to be a great leader who’s ready for problems, and answers problems.


    Leadership 101 skills

    When you stand before them in all cases try and deliver only good news confidently.

    Peace with you.

    Thank you.

    Prince Akogo.


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